• Buzzbaits for Big Bass, Aaron Lewis on Bowhunting, Hillary and His New Record & Recapping My Colorado Mule Deer Hunt

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    When Buzzbaits hit the market years ago they were all the rage. Some anglers even wanted them outlawed in tournaments. Today, they often sit in a dark corner of the tackle box, barely used. Wired2Fish’s Walker Smith joins the show this week to explain 10 reasons why that is a huge mistake.

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    Next, longtime friend of the show Aaron Lewis drops in to discuss his new record ‘Sinner’. The former hard rocker has found his mellow side in writing and singing real country music- far from the Nashville pop being played on the radio today. An avid bow hunter, we’ll also talk about the upcoming hunting season, chasing elk with a bow and his favorite carry weapon. Oh, and you won’t want to miss his take on the potential nightmare of Hillary Clinton being our next president.

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    We wrap things up by recapping my recent mule deer and elk hunt in Colorado. It there was a way to screw it up, I did it. Hopefully one of you can learn from my mistakes and not loose that trophy of a lifetime this season. Humble Pie and tag soup is all I came back to Texas with.

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  • Archery Tips Leading up To the Opener, Tailing Redfish on the Fly, Alaska Wildlife Situation Revisited and An Affordable Fishing Trip for Your Bucketlist

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    We start things off with some archery tips from Trophy Archery Product Manager Jacob Thomason. The archery opener for whitetail hunters is merely weeks away and Jacob offers up some insightful info on how he fine tunes his craft leading up to the opener. We also discuss the REACT technology that Trophy Ridge uses in their line of bow sites.

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    Then we head down to the South Texas coast with our fly rod in hand and talk tailing redfish with Captain Vince Ochoa. A longtime friend of our show, Captain Vince talks about different fly patterns for skinny water reds, as well as the appropriate fly rod/reel for this strong fighting fish. We discuss the stalk and the cast and even ideal weather conditions for successful hook ups while stalking the mangrove flats.

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    Next we follow up on the USFWS’ (United States Fish & Wildlife Service) gross abuse of power that they exhibited on the State of Alaska and it’s wildlife earlier this month. This time however, we hear it from the horse’s mouth when Alaska Fish and Game Conservation Director Bruce Dale jumps on. He gives us his take on the unprecedented overreach by USFWS and what it means for every other state out there. (Alaska no longer has the power to control predator numbers on it’s state wildlife refuges- expect images like this moose being killed by wolves to become increasingly popular).

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    We wrap things up with me recapping a bucketlist adventure/fishing trip that every outdoorsman and woman should consider taking. The Boundary Waters canoe trip is affordable and offers some of the most spectacular settings, wildlife and fishing one will find. I’ll tell you what you can expect to budget and outline the details of what to bring and what your outfitter will supply you. (My brother, dad and myself with a stringer of Ontario smallies caught in early August while on a recent canoe trip).

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  • Traveling With Your Firearm, Shark Fishermen Take Me Under Their Wing and USFWS Again Overstepping Their Boundaries

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    Have you ever traveled on an airline with your hunting rifle or bow? Domestically or Internationally? There are some things you need to know on both fronts. Our friend Derrick Ratliff of Horizon Firearms is well versed on each and we are thrilled to have him join the show this weekend as lots of folks are gearing up for bucket list hunts this fall. Tune to find out how to navigate through the red tape thrown at hunters by TSA and international travel with your weapon.

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    We also are joined by Third Coast Sharking founder and disabled veteran Michael Williams. We discuss his passion for catching, tagging, taking DNA samples and releasing big sharks. Over 50% of the Third Coast team is made up of disabled combat veterans. Randomly, I had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with a few of them on Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi last weekend. Michael with a giant PINS tiger shark that was tagged and released.

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    Then we check in with Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Ben Carter and we discuss the rampant anti hunting and overreaching nature of the USFWS. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service appears to have forgotten who pays their salaries and what their actual purpose of existence is.

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