• Ocelot’s: A South Texas Treasure, Fly Fishing The Lower Mountain Fork With Beaver’s Bend FlyShop and Urban Deer Issue With TPWD

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    This weekend we tackle the urban deer population explosion issue with Texas Parks and Wildlife Whitetail Deer Program Leader Alan Cain. Over 200 people are killed each year in vehicle/deer collisions. Over 30,000 seriously injured. 1.5 million deer killed by vehicles and they cause over 1 billion dollars in property damages- not counting landscape damage- that’s another 200 million! So, what is TPWD’s stance? What urban hunting guidelines do other state wildlife agencies have in place? Are they successful at reducing the number of urban deer? We get into all that and much more on this weekend’s show. (urban whitetails in San Antonio, TX)

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    Next we change gears and head up to the Lower Mountain Fork and Beavers Bend, Oklahoma to talk some trout fishing with longtime Beaver’s Bend FlyShop guide Peter Breeden. Beavers Bend is a unique fishery boasting a viable and naturally reproducing trout population in an abnormally warm region of the country as far as trout are concerned. So, how do the rainbows and browns in the Lower Mountain Fork thrive in Southeast Oklahoma? There is a science to it, and Peter breaks it down for us. Also, we discuss what the fish are biting on right now, how the fishery has changed after the floods of the past two years and we get into a guided flyfishing trip we’ll be giving away this month! (Peter with a beautiful LMF Rainbow)

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    We wrap up the show with a detailed discussion on South Texas ocelots with Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge Biologist Hilary Swarts. The last remnant population of this sub species of ocelots existing in the USA is found in the deepest South Texas thorn scrub. Hilary heads up the research and conservation effort of the endangered cats for the USFWS. We discuss why these beautiful felines haven’t proven as adaptable as their bobcat cousins. (Hilary and the Laguna Atascosa team collaring an ocelot for research purposes)

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    We also discuss the current existing population of Texas ocelots (you’ll be shocked to hear how few still exist) as well as some conservation projects that the refuge currently is overseeing. Then, a real treat when Hilary talks about the ocelot den that was recently discovered on the refuge- the first one in 20 years!

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  • Snows and Specks with Live Oak Outdoors, Legendary Angler Trev Gowdy and 6 Late Season Duck Hunting Tips

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    We get things going by talking snow goose and specklebelly hunting with guide Chris Slemp- owner of Live Oak Outdoors. The longtime El Campo, TX waterfowler breaks down the do’s and dont’s for each species. We talk decoy spreads, calling, shot shell selection, concealment and much more. Then we unplug our guns and hit the spring snow goose conservation season! It’s all things goose hunting coming at ya with one of the best.

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    Next, we hit the water with Trev Gowdy- longtime host of Outdoor Channel’s ‘Monster Fish’. Trev has spent the better part of a decade traveling the globe internationally and domestically in search of the next big catch. The New Times even called him the most well rounded angler on the planet. All that aside, Trev is as down to earth as they come so we pick his brain on a myriad of topics related to both fresh and saltwater angling.

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    We round out the broadcast with my ‘Six Late Season Duck Hunting Tips”. In 15 or so years of relentlessly chasing ducks, I’ve come to love the last 3-4 weeks of the season more so than any other time period. Maybe it’s the ice on Belle’s coat, or steam coming off the water…but more likely it’s the thrill of outsmarting late season puddle ducks that really gets my blood flowing. These birds have been shot at for over a 1000 miles, they’ve heard every call and seen every Mojo on God’s green earth. So, decoying these wary birds has become something I take alot of pride in. I’ll talk decoy spreads, motion decoys, hunting a head wind (crazy right?) and offer up a few retriever tips as well.

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  • Cody Johnson on Hunting and New Record, Vertical Jigging Spoons for Winter Bass and Raising Bird Dogs and Quail With Whiterock Upland Game Birds

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    We start thing off with Texas singer songwriter Cody Johnson! He talks about his passion for deer hunting, bass fishing and short but successful career rodeoing. We also talk about the new record “Gotta Be Me”. Lucky for us, too many broken bones in the rodeo arena resulted in Cody switching to honky tonkin’ full time.

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    Next we head for open water and talk winter time vertical spoon jigging for big bass with Wired2Fish’s Walker Smith.

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    We wrap up the show with a couple segments on different upland breeds, quail hunting and raising pen raised quail in order to keep your dogs sharp. Whiterock Upland Game Birds’ Corey Robinson shares a lifetime of upland knowledge with us.

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    Myself, Zane Williams and Corey with a mess of his pen raised birds. Corey talks about keeping his birds as wild as he can and the ways he creates as honest a hunt as possible. Great dogs, great birds and great people.

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