Muzzleloader Hunting Big Midwestern Bucks and Daytime Applications for Using Thermal Imaging on A Hunt

Our good friend and firearms writer Kevin Reese of Pulsar Night Vision and Thermal Imaging dropped by the studio to discuss some outside of the box applications for thermal optics.

I have long been a fan of scouting with my Pulsar thermal monocular (Helion XP 50 pictured here) but over the past year or so I have started using it more and more during daylight hours. Invaluable tool to have in your hunting pack. Thermal doesn’t discriminate between night and day, it simply detects heat signatures. I found the Illinois buck I would eventually shoot while daytime scouting with the Helion.

Then we dive into Midwestern whitetail hunting with Kyle Pavlick- 2nd generation operator at Golden Triangle Whitetail in Pike County Illinois. I recently had the opportunity to chase some of their giant bodied, big racked bucks during the Illinois muzzle loader season. We discuss that hunt and why they grow them so big in the corn belt.

Big Bucks Bring Out the Worst in People, True Love on the Open Seas and Vortex Optics’ Mark Boardman on Alaskan Moose Hunting and Much More

My better half and I recently celebrated 10 years of marital bliss by taking a trip to the Dominican Republic. Being the saint that she is, Erin agreed to go offshore fishing with me while we were in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, I fear her first blue water outing might be her last. Erin jumps on to discuss how she feels the trip went. Between her and the other tourists on the charter boat, it was quite the circus! ( I was all smiles while Erin was doing some ‘chumming’ of her own )

Next, our old friend Mark Boardman of Vortex Optics drops in. We dive into his budget friendly Do It Yourself Alaskan Moose hunt. Plus, a successful late season Colorado mule deer hunt. Mark and I then take discuss the validity of the saying “don’t pass something the first day that you’d gladly shoot on the last day.” Then we switch it up and hit on the newest gym from Vortex, the Razor AMG HD rifle scope (which I just put on my 7mag). Mark tells us why this scope is a cut above the rest. (Mark with his Alaskan bull)

If you’ve been following along on social media or tuning into the show, then you know I’ve been dealing with some serious BS on my Oklahoma deer lease. I’ll give you the details on how that thing played out. You always hear about big bucks turning otherwise good people into the shadiest scum out there. This was my first time experiencing it firsthand.

Steven Rinella on Hunters at the Polls, The Dichotomy of State Wildlife Management on Federally Managed Lands, Worst Bite of Wild Game and More, Captain Len Girard Weighs in on Winter Trout, Redfish and Flounder & My Own Personal Deer Lease Hell

The always affable Captain Len Girard gets things going with a saltwater fishing report. We find out what the redfish and trout are hitting and where Captain Len is finding them. Also, sight casting for black drum and what to expect with high water and the pending fall flounder run.

Then our longtime friend Steven Rinella makes his return to the show. Topics discussed: state management of wildlife on federally managed land, sportsmen at the voting booth, comparing our worst tasting bites of wild game, the growing Meat Eater media company, the new Fish and Game Cookbook, the truth about coyote control, cougar hunting, The Wild Within and much more.

We round out the show by reflecting on my recent situation regarding my Oklahoma deer lease. I’ve never been so jealous of the folks who own their own land.