Texas’ Adopted Fly Fishing Destination, Positive CWD Test In Medina County, Going Shallow for Summer Lunkers W/ Tommy Biffle and Trail Cameras As A Management Tool

We get things going by visting Oklahoma Game Warden Dru Polk. How has the recent flooding affected the landscape and fishery of Broken Bow/Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma? With 9 out of 10 anglers visiting Broken Bow hailing from Texas, this little fly fishing gem holds a special place in the hearts of many Texas anglers. But with entire stretches of trophy trout streams washed away, what does the future hold for Broken Bow? Game Warden Polk explains why it’s not at all a bad thing.

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Then we are joined by Texas Parks and Wildlife Spokesman Steve Lightfoot to discuss the positive Chronic Wasting Disorder test that was found in a Medina County whitetail deer. What is TPWD’s protocol as we enter these uncharted waters? Steve tells us how the agency plans to deal with this unfortunate news and the importance of keeping the disease contained.

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Then we are joined by pro bass fishing legend Tommy Biffle. Tommy specializes in shallow water fishing and so we go shallow for summertime lunkers. Many anglers focus on deep water this time of year but Tommy explains where to find shallow summer bass and how to catch them.

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We round out the broadcast by discussing the importance of using trail cameras as a management tool. Not only for your whitetail herd, but also for all existing wildlife on your property. Stealth Cam’s Ben Smith chimes in to give us his thoughts on how trail cameras have revolutionized the way we hunt and manage wildlife.

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Dissension In Our Hunting Ranks, Texas Parks & Wildlife’s Catfish Vision, Theresa Vail on ‘Limitless’ & Spring Black Bear Recap/Insight

Our friend Theresa Vail makes her return to the show this week. You might recall Theresa became the first woman to display her tattoos at the Miss America Pageant after being named Miss Kansas 2013. Well, Theresa never looked back and has parlayed her pretty smile, outgoing personality and love for hunting and adventure into a new show- “Limitless With Theresa Vail” which premieres on Outdoor Channel on Thursday, July 2nd at 8:30 PM Central.

We talk about some of the hunts that we can expect to see on Season 1 of “Limitless” as well as some of the other adventures that Theresa takes on. From flying fighter jet planes, to the infamous 26 mile Bataan Death March she endures in White Sands, New Mexico- while humping a 40 lb ruck sack on her back! You can also expect to see footage of Theresa harvesting her biggest buck to date: Theresa with her 170 inch Kansas bruiser!

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Then we talk Texas catfishing with our Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries Director of Management and Research Dave Terre. You might not be aware, but catfish are the 2nd most popular fresh water fish Texas anglers target, and TPWD has an extensive plan laid out for the future of catfishing in the Lone Star State. Dave talks about the importance of our catfish resource and the likelihood that catfish will only become even more popular as Texas’ population continues to explode.

We also encourage everyone to head over to the TPWD website and read the detailed plan TPWD has laid out for our catfish. Also, please take the brief online survey as Dave and the Inland Fisheries Division are seeking angler feedback before they finalize this extensive plan. (Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors with a nice blue catfish- one of three species of catfish sought after by Texas anglers)

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Then, our old friend and Lone Star Outdoor News Managing Editor Conor Harrison drops by to help us figure out why the hunting community seems dead set on destroying itself from the inside out. Recently, there has been way too much distinction made by folks who claim they hunt, but aren’t “trophy hunters”. While many of us will never hunt big game animals in Africa, or caribou in the Yukon, don’t we all still admire a nice set of antlers or a big bodied buck, a hog with huge cutters, a tom with a 10 inch beard or a double digit bass? Of course we do! And if a 110 inch and a 160 inch buck walk out at the same time, each of us is going to shoot that 160 inch buck before the 110 inch 2 year old. If you had the choice to catch a 10 lb or 2 lb bass…well it’s a no brainer. It’s human nature, and we all have it.

We have a common enemy friends, and it’s not each other. So lets stay united, and whether you call yourself a “non trophy hunter” or otherwise- remember that we can’t afford to foster this animosity that exists between the hunting community. It will eventually kill this lifestyle that everyone of us cherishes. And I for one want my son to be able to enjoy the same things I have. (Photo Conor Harrison in Africa)

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We then wrap things up with my spring black bear review after our recent hunt in Alberta, Canada. Lots of you guys and gals have sent emails or Facebook messages asking about cost, logistics, outfitters and realistic expectations. So, In this segment I do my best to cover all of those questions and then some. Black bear hunting is a great entry level hunt for Texans looking to expand their horizons from the usual whitetail, hogs, turkey and ducks we typically hunt in Texas. It’s relatively affordable and black bear numbers are thriving. Anyway, tune in to this segment for all the details. (Me with a nice boar I took in Alberta with McKinnon Outfitters in May)

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Texas Receives Record Wildlife Funding, Hunting Dog Nutrition, Summer Bull Frog Hunting & Coastal Fishing Report w/ Captain Len

This week we are joined by Texas Parks and Wildlife Division Director Clayton Wolf. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) appropriated a record breaking amount of Pittman Robertson Dollars to state wildlife agencies this year and Texas received the most funds ever at nearly 55 million dollars – 32 of which came directly from Pittman Robertson monies!

Clayton tells us where the agency will spend those funds on the ground. At least two new WMA’s are in the works, Clayton tells us where and when we can expect them to open. Mule deer relocation, antelope relocation and various other habitat projects will also be funded via this record breaking allocation from USFWS.

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We then talk hunting dog health and nutrition with longtime trainer Angie Lindsey of Tioga Retrievers. What should you look for in a high performance dog food? What about supplements for optimum joint and bone health? We also discuss the importance of dental hygiene and a healthy coat. Lastly, Angie gives us some training tips to help beat the summer heat- dehydration is a major issue when hot and humid temps arrive. Whether you run labs, pointers, hounds, curs, or any manner of other hunting dogs, you want your hunting buddy to be a finely tuned and well oiled machine come Opening Day! (Belle with a live flier we shot during a training session at Tioga Retrievers)

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We also check in with Captain Len Girard who joins us live from the Texas coast to give us the low down on the redfish, trout and flounder bite. What about the influx of millions of gallons of fresh water into our bay systems from recent flooding and tropical storm Bill. How has that affected the bite, or has it made a difference at all? Captain Len breaks it down for us. (Captain Len with a beautiful Upper Laguna Madre Redfish)

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Dedicated frogman David Hanson then stops by to talk summer bull frog hunting with us. Few things are finer than a big mess of fresh frog legs and David tells us what to look for in an area that should be holding good numbers of frogs. How does he catch them? Bare hands, net or gig? We get all that info as well. Of course, we also get the Monroe, Louisiana resident to share his favorite cleaning method and recipe! (David with too many bull frogs to count!)

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