• Lake Fork Bassin’, Bowhuntin’ Texas Style and Talkin’ Camoflauge

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    Synopsis of Episode 36:

    When people think of bass fishing in Texas, one lake stands above the rest. Yep I am talking about Lake Fork here ya’ll. Other lakes (like O.H. Ivie last season) have enjoyed tempory success over the years. But none have stood the test of time like Fork. So this morning we’ll talk with my buddy and longtime Lake Fork Guide Heath Hardwick. Heath has been fishing Fork for 15 year and he will explain the biological reasons why Fork continually produces so many big fish. The stats don’t lie- Fork has produced 246 of the 504 registered sharelunkers caught in Texas! That is just under 50% !!! Heath also has the fish patterned to a science so you just may learn something if you are interested in fishing Lake Fork.

    With the bow season opener only a couple weeks away, I thought we should probably talk with the president of an organization that is always working to protect our rights as Texas bowhunters. So I am thrilled that Lone Star Bowhunters Association President Jack Jetton will join the program. The LSBA has been protecting and advocating for our rights since the 1970’s. Who do ya think got us our archery only season? Yep it was the LSBA. With over 30 years of bowhunting experience we can learn a lot from Jack. He even serves on the Whitetail Advisory Council to TPWD. Needless to say I am thrilled to have Jack as a guest.

    Last year’s buck Jack harvested with traditional equipment. A nice 9pt.


    Hunters and outdoorsmen are always looking for ways to better hide themselves for their prey. So obviously camoflauge is very important to us and their are literally hundreds of brands and patterns to choose from out there. But only one was designed specifically for Texas hunters by a Texas hunter. Game Guard is entering their 9th hunting season and has gained a pretty loyal following. But how did this Texas based and family owned business get going? Game Guard’s founder/owner Craig Smith drops in to talk about why he formed this great company. What kind of obstacles did he face starting out in the cut throat camoflauge industry? We get to the bottom of all that and what seperates Game Guard from other camo patterns. I am proud to wear it when I am in the field.


  • TSRA Looking Out for Us, Brandon Rhyder and Delta Waterfowl Sr. VP John Devney

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    Synopsis of Episode 35:

    Gonna be another great ride this week. First we visit with Texas State Rifle Association President Donald Strickland. The TSRA is the equivalent of the NRA on a state level. They are continually hard at work protecting our rights in Austin. I am proud to be a member of TSRA but was appalled to find out how many Texans support the organization with me. Take a listen, you might just hear something you like.

    Then one of my favorite singer/songwriters and East Texas native Brandon Rhyder drops in to talk a little music and a whole lot of outdoors. Brandon truly is one of our finest lyrical story tellers and the depth of his music is unrivaled by many of today’s artists. Brandon actually wrote “Freeze Frame Time” while dove hunting in a sun flower field back in 2004. Lookin’ forward to getting into that and a whole lot more!


    Then one of the show’s oldest friends- Delta Waterfowl Senior Vice President John Devney– will stop by to discuss the fall migration. With the early teal opener on Saturday, I am sure we will get as much info on our blue winged quarry that we possibly can. Also, 2 pintails in the Central Flyway??? Tune in to find out.



  • Hunters for the Hungry, Hunting With Soldiers & Essentials for a Healthy Whitetail Herd

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    Synopsis of Episode 34:

    This week is gonna be great! First we visit with Anitra Hendricks of The Texas Association of Community Action Agencies (TAACA). Anitra oversees the hugely successful Hunters For The Hungry program. Hunters for the Hungry feeds those less fortunate who might be a little down on their luck… And they do this with your harvested deer! Hundreds of participating game processors throughout the state that will process deer for a discounted rate (which the hunter can then use as a tax write off), and then donate the meat to the Hunters for the Hungry program.

    Then we’ll visit with Gordon Melton. Gordon founded an organization that I am a big fan of- Hunting With Soldiers. Gordon’s vision was to take returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq on hunts at his place in Paducah, TX. A veteran himself, Gordon realized that these soldiers needed a sanctuary that no amount of prescription medication could provide, and that is why Hunting With Soldiers was formed. It’s a small token of appreciation for those who have been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. I am pumped to visit with Gordon about every aspect of Hunting With Soldiers.

    Here is Gordon with the first Veteran that went hunting last year. The soldier was even presented with a handcrafted knife made by Godley, TX native Tony Prater Sr.


    Lastly, we will talk with Will Scott of the Star-S-Ranch. Will has been managing his Hill Country whitetail herd for 15 years now and has a lot of experience and information to share with those of us who own land or have a lease. While the Star-S-Ranch is a big time hunting ranch, philosophies on growing big deer and maintaining a healthy herd are very similiar to what can do on your own place. Will is an expert on whitetails and is also a big time hunter and conservationist. I have been to the ranch and seen the deer firsthand. Pretty impressive!