• Parker McCollum In Studio and A Once in A Lifetime Idaho Moose Hunt

    March 15, 2019 Comments (0) Uncategorized

    Parker McCollum’s soulful tunes have kept me company on many a lonely drive to and from a hunt. I was happy to finally have one of country music’s real up and comers join me in studio this week.

    Parker also brought his guitar so we take a listen to a few of my favorites as well as a brand spankin new tune never before heard on the radio or any podcast for that matter.

    A 150 inch East Texas stud Parker took on his grandpa’s land this past November. At 26 years young, the guy has his head on swivel. Touring non stop and traveling to Nashville to write songs all year so that he can hunt his butt off from October 1st – December.

    Then our good friend Bridget Noonan (Marketing Director of First Lite) jumps on to discuss a true once in a lifetime Idaho moose tag. Folks put in for this tag for years on end and the Chicago transplant drew in just her 2nd application process.

    Bridget gives us the highs and lows of chasing Idaho bull moose throughout the three months season. She ended up with a freezer full of meat and memories to last a lifetime. The only drawback? She literally can never hunt moose in Idaho again. I’d say it’s well worth it.

    We wrap things up by discussing some First Lite gear that will be available very soon.

  • Hunting with Eagles and Genetic Testing Confirms the First Ever Largemouth Bass ‘Lunker Tree’

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    Lauren McGough took to falconry at a young age and it stuck. From catching and training her first red tailed hawk, to traveling the globe in recent years to hunt with various eagle species, she has done it all.

    On this episode, Lauren talks about what goes into becoming a master falconer as well as what it was like spending an extended period of time living with Mongolian Nomadic Herdsmen who fly golden eagles for red fox. Lauren’s travels and exploits even drew the attention of “60 Minutes” and they traveled back to Mongolia with her to document this ancient artform in one of it’s purest forms.

    Texas has long set the gold standard when it comes to largemouth bass fishing. That reality is a by product of the relentless study, research and development of the TPWD Sharelunker Program. For over 30 years, TPWD has made it a top priority to grow and manage for big bass.

    TPWD Sharelunker Program Leader Kyle Brookshear joined me to discuss perhaps the most fascinating validation the program has seen yet. These 3 sharelunkers make up the first ever ‘Lunker Tree’ as confirmed by genetic testing. The top two fish are sisters out of the same 2006 spawn from the bottom fish (momma). The bottom fish’s offspring were distributed into various lakes in 2006 with Marine Creek Reservoir being one of them. The sisters are the first two Sharelunkers to ever come out of Marine Creek.

  • Special Coastal Fishing Report With Captain Len Girard

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    The salty old seadog Captain Len Girard makes his return to the show. We discuss the current fishing conditions, the late winter freeze and the time Captain Len told one of his clients that Gafftop slime had the same affect as Peyote. Did she lick it? Tune in to find out