• 5 Pieces You Need in Your Early Season Arsenal, Hardcore Carnivore’s Jess Pryles on All Things Meat and Cerakoting Firearms, Ammo Deals and More with Trent Gilley of Overstocks and Bargains

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    If I am going on an early seasons archery elk hunt, chasing spring turkey or black bear or sitting in a treestand first week of October, these are the items that will be on my back or in my pack. Obviously I am loyal to First Lite, but if you prefer another brand, then find something in their lineup that is similar to these 5 pieces from First Lite. I’ve been backpacking a long time and these items are as functional and comfortable as it gets for mild weather.

    Next, the Hardcore Carnivore herself Jess Pryles jumps on to talk all things MEAT! A self made social media persona, respected author and meat ambassador of all kinds, Jess talks about her background and the lack of grilling/smoking/BBQ culture in her home country of Australia. She moved to Texas 8 years ago and has been soaking up the cooking and hunting culture like white bread in BBQ sauce ever since!

    We also discuss her dry aging process (see below) and the differences between dry aging beef vs venison. Also, get ready for a duck fat based caramel flavor explosion like you’ve never experienced! Good things with as big a meat fanatic as you’ll find.

    Then our old friend Trent Gilley from Overstocks and Bargains drops in to talk cerakoting firearms, bulk ammunition buys, gun safes and a few specials that Overstocks and Bargains are offering to Lone Star Outdoor Show listeners. (Where else are you going to find 100 rds of 9mm ammo for twenty bucks?)

  • Bowfishing For Trophy Alligator Gar, David Blanton on Faith and Hunting & What’s in a Rub with Wild Bill of Texas Select Seasonings

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    Last week I had the pleasure of chasing trophy alligator gar with Extreme Bowfishing and our February 2017 Photo of the Month Winner Zach Welch who won the trip as the grand prize for that month. Zach and his buddy Kale flew down from Nebraska and we met up with Captain Cody Sole for a day of flinging arrows at big gar. Cody put us on the fish and the Nebraska boys each arrowed a giant alligator gar!

    We recount that trip but more importantly, we hit on the current status of Texas’ alligator gar resource and possible changes in the direction of their management. You might be surprised to find out that the so called ‘Catch and Release’ guides and anglers are actually hurting this fishery more than anyone realizes. (Kale, Zach and I with one of the gar we harvested- yes we ate them).

    Then we spend some time with outdoor legend and devout Christian David Blanton. The Realtree Outdoors mainstay isn’t shy on discussing his faith. David talks about his testimony and how his job with Realtree became his god for awhile years ago. Today he is able to use his platform to help reach hunters who might not be walking with The Man Upstairs. Recently, David also got involved with the Crossroads at Panadero Ranch ministry- a hunting and faith based program that takes young boys ages 11-16 on their first hunting experience. These boys don’t have a father figure in their house. I believe in this effort and was happy to discuss it with David.

    We round out the show by talking all things wild game rubs and seasoning with Wild Bill Powell- founder of Texas Select Seasonings. Wild Bill shares his diverse culinary background and we slow cook the heck out of some venison shanks, talk some hog hunting, chili pequins and much more! ( A few of Wild Bill’s most popular blends)

  • Public Land Hunting Ethics, Montana Black Bear and Triploid Grass Carp As A Management Tool For State Wildlife Agencies

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    Asian grass carp first started showing up in North America around the mid 1960’s. By 1975, they could be found in 40 states and currently call 45 states home. This was no accident initially, as state wildlife agencies explored the idea of using grass carp to help manage or control aquatic vegetation. Today, state wildlife agencies still use this fish in certain situations. The only difference being that released fish are sterile.

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries District Biologist Marco De Jesus joins the show this week to discuss triploid grass carp and how his division employs the service of this fish. We also take a look at the relationship Inland Fisheries has with the Management Authority of a said body of water. At the end of the day, fishing opportunity is not why lakes were created. So, that relationship with the management authority of “X” water body is paramount for Texas Parks and Wildlife to work with them to increase good angling opportunity.

    Then we spend a couple segments with my good friend Luke Sterling who recently invited me up to Montana for a spring black bear hunt. Luke is a lifelong Montana native and is the most hardcore backcountry hunter I’ve ever had the pleasure of hunting with. I’m not gonna lie, keeping up with this mountain goat was not an easy task for a flatlander like myself. We recount our hunt and discuss a situation that occurred on our hunt that really made me question the ethics of some of the members of our hunting community. Poor hunting ethics and etiquette shouldn’t be tolerated. It simply is bad form and can lead to unnecessary conflicts.