• Professional Bass Fishing’s New Direction with Brent Ehrler, Kelly Jordon and Chris Lane, Cattle Fever Tick Results in Massive Deer Cull & Dallas Safari Club’s Corey Mason on Cancelled Grizzly Hunt

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    If you haven’t heard, professional bass fishing is going in a new direction. 80 of the sport’s top pros recently announced they were leaving their respective Elite Series/FLW Tours to fish in Major League Fishing’s new Bass Pro Tour. This is a monumental movement for many reasons. Major League Fishing’s format of Catch, Weigh, Release is entirely different from traditional 5 fish tournaments.

    I am thrilled to have 3 of the sport’s best jump on for a round table discussion on why they all decided to jump ship for Major League Fishing and how this will affect the sport of bass fishing going forward. Never a dull moment with our old friends Kelly Jordon, Brent Ehrler and Chris Lane chiming in on the sport’s new direction.

    Next we check in with Dr. Donald Thomas- Entomologist Research Biologist for USDA. Dr. Thomas sheds some light on the cattle fever tick infesting South Texas whitetail and nilgai herds. So much so that nearly 100 deer were culled in the Port Mansfield, TX area last summer in an attempt to keep the ticks from further spreading the disease. This topic is historically fascinating as it goes all the way back to the early cattle drive days.

    We round out the broadcast when Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason makes his return. Topic of discussion with Corey centers around the reversal of the much publicized Wyoming Grizzly Bear Hunt, the first of it’s kind in the lower 48 since the mid 1970s. Sadly, a federal judge recently squashed the hunt by putting the bears back on the endangered species list despite wildlife officials stance that the bears have reached recovery goals.

  • Female Hunters Incite Anti Hunting Community, Hank Shaw on Dove and Teal Recipes & Panhandle Pronghorn with Outfitter Clay Pope

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    Lifelong hunter Brittany Longoria joins the show this week. She recently made international headlines when this photo of her and a giant leopard surfaced after a recent trip to Namibia. The anti hunting community pounced and it wasn’t pretty. For some reason they can’t seem to grasp the fact that attractive young females also enjoy big game hunting. Brittany jumps on to discuss this phenomenon. We also dive into her thoughts on sustainable use hunting and how we choose to portray ourselves to the rest of the non hunting world. Unlike many of the female hunters we see become instantly famous after this type of ordeal, Brittany didn’t seek the attention, in fact she didn’t give SCI permission to share it publicly.

    Then our old friend, author and wild game chef extraordinaire Hank Shaw drops in to discuss some fresh takes on dove and duck recipes. Cooking is one of those things where we always find inspiration from others, and Hank has inspired alot of the things I attempt in the kitchen. During this visit, we also discuss upland hunting and Hank’s quest for the North American small game slam. Hank’s latest creation: Chicken Friend dove breasts in tomato gravy!

    We round out the broadcast by talking Panhandle Pronghorn and hunting Australia’s Outback with longtime outfitter Clay Pope of Pope Brothers Guide Service and Outfitting. Hunting pronghorn in agricultural regions like the Texas Panhandle is significantly different than chasing them out West. Clay talks about this style of hunting speedgoats on land that is flat for as far as the eye can see. Decoys, shot placement, caliber and bullet selection are all discussed. Plus we hear all about the month he spent hunting in Australia this past summer.

  • The New Kopfjager Industries AMBUSH, Roundtable Discussion with Mossberg, Ducks Unlimited and Kent Cartridge & AG Exemptions for Managing Wildlife

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    Kopfjager Industries continues to push the envelope in precision shooting advancements. I’ve been a huge fan of their Reaper Grip for some time now and have had success hunting with it in a variety of applications. When I heard they were coming out with a new mount, specific for box blind hunters I knew we needed to take a closer look at the AMBUSH. Our friend Matt Banes (co founder of Kopfjager Industries) joins us in the studio to discuss the new mount and the latest and greatest from Kopfjager.

    Next, I sit down with some good friends in the form of Ducks Unlimited’s Chris Jennings, Mossberg’s Linda Powell and Kent Cartridge’s Andrew Howard. The 4 of us recently met down at the Texas coast for early teal season. On this media hunt we were using 28 gauge Mossberg’s with Kent Bismuth loads and Mossberg 20 gauges with Kent Teal Steel #6’s. Small gauges for waterfowl made for some sporty shooting no doubt and the 4 of us sat down for a round table discussion after one of the hunts.

    Topics included: Bismuth’s lethality, the Trump Slump in the firearms industry, crappie vs walleye for the table, “Minnesota Nice”, Lake of the Woods grouse hunting, Duck Hunter numbers on the uptick and much more.

    We wrap up the broadcast by spending some time with Plateau Land and Wildlife’s Tim Milligan to discuss the option of enrolling one’s property into Wildlife Management vs Ag (running cattle). You might not be aware that you can keep your tax break the same by simply switching the exemption from Ag to Wildlife Management. Tim discusses the positives from doing so, and if you lease your hunting land (like me) then you still might want to let your landowner know about the possibility.