• Idaho Wolf Trappers Receive $1,000 Reimbursement , the Truth About Wolves’ Role in Conservation and All Seasons Feeders Changes the Game Again

    February 15, 2019 Comments (0) Uncategorized

    The state of Idaho estimates that there are between 700-800 wolves in the state. These are based solely on the number of wolves they are able to collar and track. In reality, there are closer to 2,500-3,000 wolves according to Foundation For Wildlife Management Director Justin Webb.

    Justin joins the show this week and we discuss the history of wolf reintroduction in Idaho and how things have spiraled out of control from a management standpoint. Hence, Justin’s creation of the Foundation for Wildlife Management- which offers a reimbursement check to any of it’s members how successfully trap a wolf.

    We also discuss the truth about wolves and the fact they do often times just kill to kill and don’t eat their victim. This fact coupled with the number of wolves currently in Idaho isn’t sustainable for cervid populations. The moose pictured below was mortally wounded by wolves and left to die a miserable death being picked at alive by scavengers.

    The wolf I trapped in British Columbia. One of the most rewarding experiences of my career in the outdoors.

    Next we spend some time with our buddy Zach Gates of All Seasons Feeders. 2019 has All Seasons pushing the envelope once again in feeder innovation with the new Monolith and Cotton Seed Feeder are paving the way. We also discuss the new Feed Sync Timer as well.

  • Hunting Alive and Well in New York City, British Columbia Outfitters Sue Government and My Internal Struggle with The Hunting Community

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    The hunt is where you find it, even in New York City. Longtime rat hunter (ratter) Richard Reynolds joins the show this week to discuss the Rhyders Alley Trencherfed Society (R.A.T.S.) and the dogs that they use to help reduce the Big Apple’s rat population.

    They even have breeds that act as push dogs and catch dogs, much like the hog dogging crews we see in the south. They don’t get paid for their work, they just love the hunt and the dogs that do the dirty work. One of my favorite discussions so far in 2019.

    Then we discuss the class  action lawsuit filed by the Guides Outfitters of British Columbia against the New Democratic Party for cancelling all Grizzly Bear hunting in the province. This is a topic we’ve discussed in detail with a variety of guests.

    GOABC Executive Director Scott Ellis and I sat down at the @officialdsc Convention, with 15,000 Grizzlies in B.C., and hunters taking 300 animals annually,  you can see that science was clearly not a part of the New Democratic Party’s philosophy,  which they admitted as much.

  • Choosing the Right Bow and Arrow Combination, Little Spoons for Big Winter Bass and Land Acquisition with Lone Star Ag Credit

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    Our old friend Gerald Swindle joins this week’s show. We recap his abysmal deer season, discuss food plots and his passion for whitetail management before talking some largemouths.

    The 2 time Bass Master Elite Series Angler of the Year breaks down a sure fire method on how to boat good numbers of big winter bass. Sometimes you have to go small to go big!

    Next up we set up a bow with Korbin Williams of Korbin’s Archery. I’ve had quite a few of you ask for this type of archery segment for some time, so here ya go. We discuss how to choose the right bow, common mistakes Korbin sees folks make when purchasing bows, selecting the appropriate arrow for your bow among other things.

    Korbin also sheds insight on why all strings aren’t created equal. Plus, we find out how the market has shifted away from one pin bow sights in recent years. Korbin’s custom strings are available in a wide array of color combinations to fit your specific bow.

    We wrap up the broadcast with a recent discussion I had with Lone Star Ag Credit’s Macy Blankenship. We discuss a little bit on the history of farm credit in Texas and how Lone Star Ag Credit can help you finance your own piece of paradise if you’re ready to make that dream a reality. (Macy and I with the Lone Star Ag Credit team at the Dallas Safari Club Convention in Downtown Dallas).