• Fall Dove Forecast, Eva Shockey on Hunting, Motherhood and New Book, American Dollars Going to Work on African Soil and Scentblaster

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    We get our 2017 Dove Season forecast with Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist and Dove Program Leader Shaun Oldenburger. Texas accounts for nearly 40% of the U.S. annual dove harvest. We discuss how many millions of doves Texas hunters harvest and how many shot shells it takes to reach that number. We also dive into recent precipitations affect on Opening Day. Shaun gives us an inside look at Whitewing dove numbers and that species continued expansion North as well.

    Then we check in with our old friend Eva Shockey. Her new book “Taking Aim” covers all things hunting, life, cooking and much more is due out at the end of the month. We also talk North Carolina bear hunting, Yukon moose and her favorite wild game recipe.

    Next, Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris spends some time with us reflecting on sustainable use hunting on the Dark Continent. What do American hunter dollars really do on the ground in Africa? The longtime PH and 2nd Generation owner of John X gave us his thoughts while we were in South Africa 2 weeks ago. (South Africa’s landscape is littered with beauty beyond imagination- what that still be the case if wildlife ceased to have a value placed on them through hunting?)

    We wrap things up when Scentblaster creator and Heron Outdoors President Heath Hardwick stops by. For hunters who use scent to attract game, this unit is a game changer. New for the fall of 2017, Heath gives us an overview of how the Scentblaster lures in all kinds of game.

  • Testosterone and Back Country Mulies with Warrior Fuel Hunt, Eliminating Your Scent Profile in The Whitetail Woods and The Bowhunter Box Club Drops By The Studio

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    We start things off by discussing scent elimination with Troy Kloever of ScentKapture. Every whitetail hunter obsesses over trying to keep their scent profile at a minimum. Troy explains how Scentkapture uses the latest scientific molecule trapping technology to squash human odor. There are plenty of scent control formulas on the market, but Troy gives us some insight on what works and what doesn’t and why. We also discuss foods to avoid eating entirely before heading into the whitetail woods.

    Then we do some backcountry scouting for giant, public land mule deer with passionate bow hunter Ryan Alspach of Warrior Fuel Supplements and Warrior Fuel Hunt. We discuss where to find those elusive giants and how to use digital scouting technology to help try and arrow one come archery season.

    Next, we continue our visit with Ryan by spending a segment on something every guy should be interested in: testosterone. Our bodies make it, and we need it to live a healthy and satisfying life, yet due to today’s world some of us suffer from insufficient testosterone levels. It can make you lethargic, unmotivated and leave you in a zombie like state day in and day out. Ryan and I give our first hand experiences and how it has changed our lives for the better. Go get your levels checked fellas! If it makes you happier and healthier, it will make you a better hunter and angler.

    We round out the show by discussing the Bowhunter Box Club with Jason Feldt. This monthly box is a great way to get to test out some awesome archery related products each month. I talk about some of my favorite items that have been included in previous month’s boxes. Also, did you know the color of your peep sight has a direct effect on how clearly you see your target? We discuss. (Photo Courtesy of Hunting Product Guru)

  • Hunt For Life With DSC Foundation President Richard Cheatham, Redfish & Redfish Throats W/ A Salty Old Sea Dog and PhoneSkope Changing the Game for Hunters In the Field

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    We start of this week’s broadcast by heading to Louisiana to talk redfish with longtime Louisiana Captain Kirk Stansel of the legendary Hackberry Rod and Gun Club. Calcasieu Lake is famous for the brackish water that holds redfish by the tens of thousands. We discuss the unique fishery and one of Captain Stansel’s favorite preparations – redfish throats. Don’t throw them out, throw them in hot grease!

    Then, our good friend and Dallas Safari Club Foundation President Richard Cheatham drops by the studio. We run the gambit on a variety of conservation topics with Richard. Specifically, why do hunters shy away from the term “trophy hunter”? What can we do to reverse the negative connotation associated with that term? Richard gives us his first hand observations of what occurs on the Dark Continent once a Westerner harvests an animal.

    Richard then discusses the Foundation’s purpose and how it chooses to allocate the conservation dollars that the club raises. I am also really excited to have Richard unveil the “Hunt for Life” initiative that the DSC Foundation will release in September. It will be forward thinking, aggressive, factual, unapologetic and designed to make hunters, anti hunters and those on the fence about hunting THINK about the role hunting truly plays in wildlife conservation. (Because of hunting, South Africa alone has seen it’s wildlife herd increase of 700,000 in the late 90s to over 18 million today.)

    We then wrap up the broadcast by checking in with PhoneSkope founder and owner Cheston Davis. The passionate Western big game hunter talks about the inception of this incredibly practical product. One that I truly believe belongs in every hunter’s pack. We talk archery elk hunting, his brief foray into our world of Whitetail deer hunting (something most Western guys don’t have much experience with) and much more! BTW- if you choose to order a PhoneSkope, be sure to use the promo code “lonestar” upon checking out online to save 10% off your order.