• Quail Recovery with Quail Coalition, Chasing the ‘Silver Kings’ With Dan Oko and Scott Alford & YUDU Outdoors CEO Brian Senn

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    It’s no secret that hunters have seen banner quail crops in 2015 and 2016. So now that we are headed back in the right direction, what does that mean longterm for the bobdwhite? Quail Coalition Executive Director Jay Stine makes his return to the show to discuss. We also take a look at the dynamic between hunter harvest and overall quail population vitality. Do hunters truly impact quail numbers?

    Plus, Jay discusses some things to keep in mind regarding how to manage a property with quail nesting in mind. What shrubs/grasses offer quail nutrition and nesting cover vs ones that should be targeted for removal due to their lack of beneficial characteristics. Plus, Quail Coalition is looking to expand past it’s current 12 chapters and could even be looking outside of Texas.

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    Next, we are joined by outdoor writer Dan Oko and 30 year tarpon fishing veteran Scott Alford. We’ll break down Dan’s recent tarpon fishing cover story on the latest Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine titled “Landing the Silver King”. Not only do we take a historical look back at tarpon fishing and it’s heyday back in the 1930s, we also dive into Project Tarpon (which Scott Founded in 2006) and how viable tarpon populations are today.

    Unlike many species, tarpon will migrate thousands of miles annually and GPS tags confirm this fact to a great extent. Scott talks about the techniques he uses to land a high percentage of tarpon, which is still only about 50% of hookups due to their aerial acrobatics and tendency to throw the hook. All things tarpon fishing and tarpon conservation with two guys who know alot more about it than myself.

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    We round out the broadcast by checking in with YUDU Outdoors CEO Brian Senn. After growing more and more disenchanted with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Brian and his team came up with YUDU Outdoors – a new social media app for hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. No more hate, animosity or death threats from anti hunters, anti gun, tree hugging libtards. Life is too short for that kind of hate. So, what do YUDU outdoors?

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  • Glassing with Tripod Mounted Binos, Declining Number Of Duck Hunters Major Cause for Concern and Archery Training with the Accubow

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    Binos vs Spotting Scope…that question is becoming more and more popular among backcountry hunters. We all want optimal performance, but weight and space are at a premium when you hike in 5-10 miles for a hunt. Our old friend Mark Boardman- Vortex Optics VP Marketing jumps on to talk about how he mounts his 50 power Kaibibs on a tripod and then begans to dissect the landscape. We also talk about the weight difference between 50 power class binos and some of Vortex’s higher end spotting scopes.

    I know I pack and repack my bag 3 times or more before heading into the backcountry. Weight is a major factor when I choose my optics system. Maybe Mark’s insight will help you come up with optics package that is right for you as we gear up for the fall season.

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    Are you an above average, below average or average duck hunter? Delta Waterfowl’s Paul Wait breaks down some numbers on this week’s show.
    More importantly though, we discuss the alarming trend in decreasing Federal Duck Stamp sales. We’re losing duck and goose hunters by the tens of thousands annually. Bad news for ducks, bad news for duck hunters, bad news for conservation Since the mid 1970’s we’ve lost over 1 million duck hunters (over half of our ranks).

    What can be done to reverse this alarming trend? What does it mean for the future of our sport? Why are hunters hanging up their decoys for good? Paul breaks it down for us on this week’s visit.

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    We round out the broadcast by touching base with Accubow CEO and avid bowhunter Matt Pell. An engineer by trade, Matt used that background to create the ultimate archery training tool. The Accubow can be drawn from 10-70 lbs with no let off. When it comes to fine tuning your muscles and focusing on form, there is nothing better out there. Matt talks about how he came up with the design and how he knew bowhunters and archers would gravitate the the Accubow’s versatility. Practice makes perfect and you can take the Accubow with you essentially anywhere.

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  • Bowfin: Underrated and Overlooked, Precision Shooting with Kopfjager Industries and Dealing with Poachers and Thieves on Your Hunting Property

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    Garrett Hellinger of Kopfjager Industries gets things going for us with some precision shooting discussion. The former military sniper is currently a DFW area SWAT team sniper. Clearly, we are talking to the right guy when it comes to one shot, one kill. Garrett talks about the history behind Kopfjager Industries and the innovative Reaper Grip that has become widely popular with hog and predator hunters. (Garrett and I in the studio)

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    Field and Stream Fishing Editor Joe Cermele joins us next to discuss the much maligned bowfin. These prehistoric fish are incredible fighters and tough to target. Sadly, most anglers never pursue the bowfin. Native to the the Eastern half of the country, the bowfin is pound for pound one of the best freshwater fighters out there. Joe has become ‘hooked’ in recent years and he tells us where to find them, what baits to throw and what time of the year results in the most hookups.

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    As many of you know, I recently had some cameras stolen off my deer lease. So I figured we’d discuss the do’s and don’ts of dealing with Poachers and Thieves with Operation Game Thief’s Lt. Jason Jones. Do signs really thwart would be crooks? What about dummy game cameras? What should you do if you’re in your stand and an armed poacher appears on your property? We discuss with Lt. Jones.

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