• Cabela’s Public Relations Nightmare, The First Ever Smith Family Deer Hunt Flies off the Rails and Bears, Mule Deer and the Upcoming Dallas Safari Club Convention with Corey Mason

    January 11, 2019 Comments (0) Uncategorized

    It’s not always as clean and quick as you see on outdoor television these days. Sometimes hunting is messy and it can be something we’re not proud of. While those times are few and far between, it does happen.

    And one of those rodeos unfolded a couple weeks ago when I had all three kids and my better half in the deer stand. While there was a happy ending, it was a circus getting there. Albeit one I wouldn’t trade for anything as I feel incredibly blessed to share a hunt with my girls for the first time.

    By now you’ve probably become aware of the dumpster fire Cabela’s has been trying to put out regarding the renewal contract they sent one of their pro staffers. Life long huntress and 3 year member of the Cabela’s team Jeanette Hall joins the show this week to discuss exactly what happened.

    For a company like Cabela’s (that makes a profit off the hard earned dollars of big game hunters) to mandate pro staffers refrain from posting image of their exotic or African trophies is flat unacceptable. Jeanette explains her reaction and how she believes the Bass Pro/Cabela’s merger has affected the Cabela’s brand and their future. (Jeanette with a Gemsbok she took while on safari in South Africa- the exact kind of photo Cabela’s mandated she refrain from posting on her personal social media accounts in 2019)

    The contract renewal that Cabela’s Pro Staff Team sent Jeanette:

    We wrap up the broadcast when our old friend and Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason makes his return, and boy do we have a lot to discuss! From his recent trip to South Africa to meet with big game policy makers and DSC partners PHASA to an epic mule deer hunt in Texas Panhandle, the class action lawsuit filed by a British Columbia outfitter against the current government due to the grizzly bear ban and of course the upcoming Dallas Safari Club convention- ‘Mogambo’ 2019. We dive in headfirst with Corey.

    (Heck of a mule deer! 190 inches of mature grey ghost)

  • An Archery Buck for the Ages and Bobwhites Back on the Skids

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    2016 was a banner year for quail numbers and quail hunters alike. But since then the bobwhite has again fallen on hard times. Is it due to weather or other factors like predation or even the increasing number of feral hogs on the landscape, what about parasites?

    Our old friend Dr. Dale Rollins of the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch makes his return to the broadcast to shed some light on the before mentioned topics and why bobwhites are once again on the skids. Dr. Rollins is currently enjoying his 52nd season chasing these sporty little birds

    Then it’s the buck everyone has been talking about. The Collin County monster taken by hunter Chad Jones. When I heard the buck was killed in my home county, I figured we needed to hear the tale firsthand.

    Thanks to the power of social media I was able to get in touch with Chad and he was more than happy to come to the studio to talk about hunting this once in a lifetime buck. The Green Score was 235 3/8 inches which would put the deer top 5 all time for Texas archery bucks.

  • Boar Testicles A Culinary Treat and Grizzly Tales from the Yukon/Northwest Territories

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    We kick things off with an outside of the box culinary treat. I know, many of you will be skeptical, but weren’t we all the first time we tried Rocky Mountain Oysters?

    On this week’s show we take it a step further when Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors jumps on to talk wild boar testicles and how they became a hunter favorite around the Pavur lodge. Keep an open mind and you’re taste buds will thank you.

    Then we’re joined by Yukon/Northwest Territories guide Lorne Stourac for some harrowing bear tales from life in the Canadian bush. There is no way to sugar coat it, sometimes it comes down to the bear’s life or yours.

    Lorne defines how he makes those life and death decisions in a split second’s time. When does it go from bluff charge to unloading a large caliber rifle at the bear’s head? These things are only learned though experience and I am happy to have Lorne share some of his with us.

    The old boar below tried to attack Lorne. It was aged at 28 1/2 years old by a biologist, the advanced age a likely reason for his attempt on a human.