• Elk Shanks, GoWildApp A Safe Place for Hunters/Anglers and The T-Mate Game Camera Mounting System

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    We start this week’s off when T-Mate creator and owner Art Griepp joins us in the Lone Star Outdoor Show studio. After struggling for years to find a decent way to mount a trail camera in areas void of large trees, Art designed the T-Mate Game Camera Mount. I know I’ve had more photos of grass and cow’s posteriors than I care to remember. Looking forward to using Art’s solution in the field this fall.

    Then we spend some time diving into today’s social media climate towards hunters and anglers. All too often, our ranks are subjected to pure hatred – even death threats from those who are too ignorant to look at facts or too blinded by hate to accept the truth about conservation and who funds it. GoWildApp Co Founder and CEO Brad Luttrell jumps on to talk about a safe place for those who share the outdoor passion. A place full of information and link minded outdoorsmen and women. Check out the FREE GoWildApp on ITunes and see for yourself.

    We wrap up the broadcast by checking in with our old friend, author and wild game chef extraordinaire Hank Shaw. Hank takes us along on a recent upland bird trip for the ages. 5 species over 5 days in 2 states made for an epic experience and some tired dogs!

    Then, I pick Hank’s brain on his favorite way to prepare an elk (or venison) shank. This cut is often just ground into hamburger meat by hunters. Big mistake, we tell you why. (Hank’s Portuguese Elk Shank Recipe plated)

  • One on One with ‘Trophy’ The Film Directors & Hunting Hogs at Night with the Slow Glow – Bowhunter Approved

    September 6, 2017 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography, Uncategorized, Website

    Thrilled to have the co directors of the new documentary “TROPHY” The Film join the show. 3 years ago, Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau set out on a mission to create a documentary to out the practice of sport and trophy hunting. What they uncovered along the way was a truth they never expected. From anti hunters to believers in the fact that hunting is indeed conservation. We discuss the film in detail from poaching to the black market rhino horn trade and the soul searching they had to do to come to terms with the fact that trophy hunting isn’t a bad thing at all. I hope you make it a point to watch this eye opening film.

    Then we spend a couple segments with lifelong hunter Murray Choate- creator of the Slow Glow Hog Lite system. If there is a more effective way to hunt hogs over a feeder or bait site at night, I have yet to find it. By slowly lighting up the desired area, the hogs feel safe and ultimately aren’t aware that they are feeding under lights at all. We also discuss it’s application for bow hunters and shot placement on hogs with archery equipment. (archery hunter stalks up on hogs feeding under the Slow Glow)

  • Hunters/Anglers First Responders to Hurricane Harvey, Welcoming New Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason and ‘Get Your Ass of the Bench’ With Army Ranger Sniper and NY Times Best Selling Author Ryan Cleckner

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    Never in my life have I been more proud to call myself a hunter and angler than last week. The overwhelming response by outdoorsmen who rushed to the Texas coast and Houston areas to rescue those in need was nothing short of spectacular. Duck boats, bass boats, john boats, mud moters and bowfishing rigs are all you see in the photos and that my friends is because hunters and anglers are the salt of this earth.

    We visit with one of those first responders in our long time friend Beau Saucier of Outlaw Outfitters. Beau talks about what it was like arriving in a disaster area with little to no direction as to where to go and how to help. Mass chaos aside, his boat was able to rescue nearly 80 people and clear 7 neighborhoods on Monday and Tuesday. He describes the sights and sounds of that experience and the sheer panic on the faces of so many flood victims. (Beau pulling up to the front porch of a victim in an affluent Houston neighborhood.

    Then we check in with Dallas Safari Club incoming Executive Director Corey Mason. He assumes his new post on Sept 6th. The longtime Texas Parks and Wildlife employee talks about this career change and what excites him most about leading the world’s premiere conservation organization going forward. Corey and I have a long history of discussion from his time with TPWD- always great checking in with an old friend.

    We wrap up the broadcast by spending a couple segments with former U.S. Army Ranger Sniper and New York Times Best Selling Author Ryan Cleckner. We discuss his off season shooting tips to become a better rifle hunter. Shooting off a bench and zeroing your rifle at 100 yards is great, but it’s hardly good practice for real life hunting situations. Ryan walks us through some real life hunting positions and tips that might help you harvest big boy this fall.