• American Hunters Then and Now with J Wayne Fears AND Calling Axis Bucks With A Groundbreaking New Call

    November 17, 2017 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography, Website

    I’m honored to have an outdoor legend join the show this week in the form of J Wayne Fears. The longtime author and lifelong outdoorsman has written over 6,200 published articles to go along with 33 books covering a myriad of outdoor related topics. Today’s discussion however, will focus on the lives of those American frontiersmen, mountain men and long gun hunters/trappers that came before us. J Wayne talks about their clothing, weapons, diet and hardships they faced. It was a hard life, much different from ours with our $1000 layering system and modern weapons. I find looking at where we came from to where we are today a fascinating topic and J Wayne adds a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. (J Wayne with a nice whitetail buck)

    Then we head to the Texas Hill Country to chase my favorite exotic species with longtime axis deer guide Eric Harrison. We take a listen to the Ezy Axis deer call and Eric demonstrates how he uses this call to bring in axis deer pretty much year round. Heck, I might even make a fool of myself and try to blow the call during the visit. We also get his favorite axis deer recipe and discuss using rattling horns when axis hunting. (Eric and a recent client with a monster low fence axis)

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Oversteps Boundaries , Understanding Why and When Ducks Do What They Do, & Living Country In the City’s Sam Ayers

    November 13, 2017 Comments (0) Conservation, Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Fishin, Huntin, Music, Outdoors, Photography, Uncategorized, Website

    Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason makes his return to the broadcast this week. We discuss how USFWS foreign policy is negatively affecting some of Africa’s Big 5 species. When you prevent hunters for bringing their trophies back to the United States, you devalue the life of the species. Thus is the current situation with lions and elephants specifically in certain African countries. Corey explains how this flies in the face of science based wildlife management. If the local inhabitants of a country or region see no value in an animal, (I.E. they can’t make money off the animal) they will kill them indiscriminately and convert their habitat to cropland. (these lioness met an unfortunate end due to increased human/animal conflict). Hopefully Secretary Zinke will right these wrongs and USFWS will stop trying to dictate Africa’s wildlife management strategy.

    Next we go inside the mind of a duck with longtime guide and U.S. Army Veteran Beau Saucier of Outlaw Outfitters. To successfully hunt ducks, you need to understand why they do what they do. From loafing spots to decoys and calling, Beau breaks it all down. We dive in deep with our old friend and pick his brain on 25 plus years of experience. (Beau doing what Beau does best)

    We wrap up the show with a very interesting guest in Sam Ayers. The Los Angeles native and passionate bow hunter lives a country lifestyle while his job keeps him trapped in Hollywood’s concrete jungle. This 180 degree change in lifestyle is fascinating as Sam will even tell you he always wanted the penthouse apartment, fast car and fast pace of life, but somewhere in his early 30’s he realized that life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. We talk hunting, rehab (Sam tore ligaments in both knees on a recent elk hunt) and we discuss his podcast: Living Country in the City. Check it out when you get a chance.

  • Trophy Hunting Then and Now & Quantifying Wild Game /Fish Harvest in North America with Renowned Conservationist Shane Mahoney

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    World respected conservationist, biologist, writer and Conservation Visions founder Shane Mahoney joins me this week for an in depth conversation on a couple different topics. First, we take a look at the term ‘Trophy Hunting’. It’s origins mean something totally different from how many people interpret it today. Why the shift in attitude toward that term over the past 100 years? Should we as hunting community embrace that terminology or shy away from it? After all, isn’t being a selective hunter and trying to harvest the mature male of the species not only trophy hunting, but also conservation? We dive in deep with one of the most respected individuals among our ranks.

    Then we take a look at a new study Shane is heading up in North America. The goal of the study is to quantify (in pounds) how much protein hunters and anglers harvest each year. What if hunting/fishing were to go away? Can you imagine the economic windfall and direct affect it would take on our society as we know it? I don’t want to go into too much detail, best just to tune in and let Shane explain the implications. (Millions of North Americans head to the woods or water to harvest their food each year)

    Check out Conservation Visions if you haven’t already. Follow Shane on Facebook and Instagram.