• Handgun Hunting Success & The Power of the 10mm with Razor Dobbs, Whitetails Rutting into March & Breakthrough in Firestarting Technology

    March 28, 2019 Comments (0) Uncategorized

    Over the past few weeks I have been sent quite a few videos and trail camera images of bucks exhibiting rutting behavior into late February and early March. Are does really going into estrous this late in the winter? Is there a 3rd whitetail rut that hunters don’t generally acknowledge?

    Texas Parks and Wildlife Whitetail Deer Program Leader Alan Cain makes his return to the show this week. We discuss what exactly is the cause of these recent instances of bucks fighting way past the typical breeding season.

    Next, we dive into my first handgun hunting success. We do it with our good friend and longtime handgun hunter Razor Dobbs. We take a look at the history of the 10mm caliber and some of the most effective loads currently available to handgun hunters. Razor has taken 3 cape buffalo with this caliber and is one of the most respected authorities on the caliber and handgun hunting in general.

    (blackbuck I took at Koon’s Canyon Ranch with a 10mm Pistol, Vortex Razor Red Dot and Hornady XTP 180 gr bullet)

    Then we spend some time with Phone Skope founder Cheston Davis. We get into the new Skoped Vision line as well as the all new Pyro Putty. As a backcountry hunter, I am really excited about the capabilities of this fire starter. It’s something I believe will eventually end up in every backcountry hunter, angler and hiker’s pack.

  • Mossberg Comes Full Circle 100 Years Later, Markhor Hunt Makes International Headlines, Botswana’s Elephant Problem, The Frisco Coyote and Trump Administration to Delist Grey Wolves

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    In 1919 Mossberg manufactured their first gun, a .22 caliber pistol called the ‘Brownie’. Nearly 100 years later, Mossberg has re-entered the handgun conversation with the MC1sc 9mm. Our old friend Linda Powell jumps on to discuss a little bit of history concerning one of America’s oldest family operated businesses

    Next, our good friend and DSC Foundation Executive Director Richard Cheatham returns to the studio. We discuss a bunch of topics that recently made national and even international headlines.

    What many people fail to realize is that without sport hunting, animals have no value to the inhabitants of 3rd world countries where instances of human/wildlife conflict have never been higher. Take the below image for instance. When Botswana farmers are losing crops to an overpopulation of elephants, well I honestly can’t blame them for protecting their food source.

    Also interestingly enough is the flawed idea that you can take the human element out of the equation. Humans are the apex predator and we utilize this earth above all animals. I laugh every time I hear someone say “Well we shouldn’t have invaded their (the wildlife) habitat.”

    Richard and I take a realistic look at the issue and discuss the need for modern day solutions rather than pretending the world is just as it was 500 years ago. Other items hit on: Pakistan Markhor Hunt, Frisco Coyote, Delisting Grey Wolves in lower 48, CITIES permits and much more.

    Always a pleasure having Richard in studio!

  • Parker McCollum In Studio and A Once in A Lifetime Idaho Moose Hunt

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    Parker McCollum’s soulful tunes have kept me company on many a lonely drive to and from a hunt. I was happy to finally have one of country music’s real up and comers join me in studio this week.

    Parker also brought his guitar so we take a listen to a few of my favorites as well as a brand spankin new tune never before heard on the radio or any podcast for that matter.

    A 150 inch East Texas stud Parker took on his grandpa’s land this past November. At 26 years young, the guy has his head on swivel. Touring non stop and traveling to Nashville to write songs all year so that he can hunt his butt off from October 1st – December.

    Then our good friend Bridget Noonan (Marketing Director of First Lite) jumps on to discuss a true once in a lifetime Idaho moose tag. Folks put in for this tag for years on end and the Chicago transplant drew in just her 2nd application process.

    Bridget gives us the highs and lows of chasing Idaho bull moose throughout the three months season. She ended up with a freezer full of meat and memories to last a lifetime. The only drawback? She literally can never hunt moose in Idaho again. I’d say it’s well worth it.

    We wrap things up by discussing some First Lite gear that will be available very soon.