• What’s the Deal With Shed Hunting? And Duck Clubs & Turkey Tales With Three Curl Outfitters

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    Shed hunting is something that I personally don’t get. Maybe it’s because we have hogs and warm weather to occupy our time in the southwest or maybe it’s because I don’t own my own land and so I don’t have the ability to watch bucks grow up from year to year.

    Whatever the case, there are tons of hunters who hit the backcountry in search of discarded bone on a regular basis. I’ve followed Sam Haley’s Instagram page (@addicted2antlers) for some time now. Mostly because of his love for public land deer and elk, but also because I’m fascinated by his passion for shed hunting. I am thrilled to have Sam on the show this week to discuss all aspects of this increasingly popular past time.

    (Sam with his biggest matching mule deer set)

    Next, my old friends Brett Jepsen and Charles Speigel of Three Curl Outfitters drop by the studio. We dive into Three Curl’s new duck club format (they didn’t invent the wheel on this, but there’s nothing like it in North Texas). The older we get (as life and often kids take more and more time) the more precious sleep becomes. I also find battling other public land duck hunters less appealing with each passing year, yet I still want to duck hunt as much as ever. Three Curl has a great format in place for hunters with that mindset.

    Then we spend a few minutes reliving some of our favorite turkey hunting moments of all time. From shooting gobblers out of mid air, to them dive bombing decoys off the roost and even toms strutting in trees. One of my favorite discussions in recent memory. Visit https://www.threecurl.com/ for more duck lease info, dove leases and turkey/deer hunts.

  • Sportsmen’s Alliance Shoulders Huge Responsibility For Hunting & Trapping And Fascinating Goose Behavior, Hawaii’s Waterfowl & Blue Winged Teal With Ducks Unlimited

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    Duck’s Unlimited’s Chief Biologist Tom Moorman makes his return to the show this week. We head to Greenland to discuss one of the most fascinating behaviors I’ve ever seen geese exhibit.

    The Barnacle goose nests as high as 400 feet up on rocky cliffs. At a day old, the goslings hurl themselves off the cliff with no ability to fly whatsoever. Amazingly, a very high percentage survive this tumble. Why do these geese choose this reproduction tactic? If you haven’t seen the Hostile Planet episode on Barnacle Geese I recommend you check it out on NATGEO. Highly entertaining.

    We also discuss Hawaii’s waterfowl and hit on blue winged teal behavior in this episode.

    Then we spend some time with Sportsmen’s Alliance VP of Communications Brian Lynn. Sportsmen’s Alliance exists to protect hunting and trapping rights and they do it by monitoring legislation in all 50 states.

    Brian talks about the Alliance’s history and how they go about keeping tabs on potentially dangerous legislation across the country while seemingly understaffed. The main focus of the discussion however, is on the anti hunting faction’s targeted effort to introduce wide scale anti hunting legislation during the 2019 legislative session. It is a nationwide effort unlike anything we’ve seen previously. (Brian with a nice pronghorn)

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  • The Cecil Act’s Global Implications On Hunting and Conservation and An Epic 500 Mile Kayak Journey Ends on the Gulf Coast

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    The Cecil Act is hands down the most alarming piece of legislation that the hunting community has ever seen. Proposed by Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva, this bill would systematically take international wildlife management out of the hands of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and give it to a newly formed, leftist committee with no experience in wildlife management at all.

    The gross overreach would signal the end for Africa’s mega fauna species and could impact the importation of American hunter’s trophies across the globe. Dallas Safari Club Executive Director Corey Mason is well versed on this bill and I am excited to have him break it down for us.

    550 miles over 5 plus weeks. From Telegraph, TX and the headwaters of the Llano River to the Gulf of Mexico.

    Ethan West shares his experience on this week’s show. Ethan West breaks down some of his essential gear items, dives into some of the crazy things he witnessed. Plus he goes over the planning/logistics of this epic kayak adventure.

    Sidenotes: The only other 3 people to do this stretch was in 1939. Three 18 year old boys who opted for this over getting summer jobs. Ethan also has done the entire Appalachian Trail.