Synopsis of Episode 34:

This week is gonna be great! First we visit with Anitra Hendricks of The Texas Association of Community Action Agencies (TAACA). Anitra oversees the hugely successful Hunters For The Hungry program. Hunters for the Hungry feeds those less fortunate who might be a little down on their luck… And they do this with your harvested deer! Hundreds of participating game processors throughout the state that will process deer for a discounted rate (which the hunter can then use as a tax write off), and then donate the meat to the Hunters for the Hungry program.

Then we’ll visit with Gordon Melton. Gordon founded an organization that I am a big fan of- Hunting With Soldiers. Gordon’s vision was to take returning veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq on hunts at his place in Paducah, TX. A veteran himself, Gordon realized that these soldiers needed a sanctuary that no amount of prescription medication could provide, and that is why Hunting With Soldiers was formed. It’s a small token of appreciation for those who have been willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. I am pumped to visit with Gordon about every aspect of Hunting With Soldiers.

Here is Gordon with the first Veteran that went hunting last year. The soldier was even presented with a handcrafted knife made by Godley, TX native Tony Prater Sr.


Lastly, we will talk with Will Scott of the Star-S-Ranch. Will has been managing his Hill Country whitetail herd for 15 years now and has a lot of experience and information to share with those of us who own land or have a lease. While the Star-S-Ranch is a big time hunting ranch, philosophies on growing big deer and maintaining a healthy herd are very similiar to what can do on your own place. Will is an expert on whitetails and is also a big time hunter and conservationist. I have been to the ranch and seen the deer firsthand. Pretty impressive!