Synopsis of Episode 71:

Renown big game hunter, conservationist and TV show host Jim Shockey makes his return to the show. Jim has been up to his usual tricks of traveling the globe harvesting big game animals and we get him to talk about some of his latest adventures from ram hunting in Iran to his daughter Eva’s first black bear hunt.

Jim also dives into the importance of conservation organizations such as DU, SCI, DSC and the Big Horn Sheep Society. Everyone of us needs to support at least one conservation organization. Also, how does Jim forsee our huge national debt affecting hunters and outdoorsmen in the future?

A true world travler, Jim is no stranger to hunting in Texas.


We then wrap up our miniseries “The Progression of A Gun Dog” when Tioga Retreiver’s Angie Becker drops in. Most of ya’ll know that my 10 month old female lab Belle has been with Angie for the past three months as she was enrolled in the Basic Gun Dog Program.

This is the third and final installment of the series as we wrap up and review how things went for Belle during her training program. Angie also talks about the importance of repitition and consistency once your dog is home from training. Afterall, it’s expensive and we want our 4 legged hunting buddies to remember all the stuff they learned while away :duckpuncher:

Belle and I even ran in our first hunt test a couple weeks ago and while we didn’t get her junior title we still had a heck of a good time and it was a great learning experience for us both.

Belle in action at the recent hunt test in Ravenna, TX.