Synopsis of Episode 59:

This week’s show recaps one of the most memorable outdoor experiences of my life. Harvesting a feral hog with dogs and a blade has long been on my bucket list. Well I can cross it off after hunting with my buddy Chris Williams of GoHogDog. We were able to harvest two hogs and I had the honor of dispatching them. The dogs were by far the most memorable aspect of the hunt however as each one had their own personality and their own specific job to do in order to contribute to the team effort. Made a lot of new friends that day and can’t wait to go hunting with them again. We recap the whole experience with Chris during this week’s broadcast.

Hog #2 was a 150 lb boar with decent cutters.

We also check in with Dr. Dale Rollins from the Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch. This was supposed to be a banner year for Texas quail hunters after the wet 2010 spring. But things didn’t pan out that way and Dr. Rollins is searching for answers. Could disease be responsible for the continued decline in Texas bobwhite populations? Dr. Rollins thinks its something that needs to be seriously considered.

Lastly we are joined by Army Bass Anglers founder Major Cody Roberson. Major Roberson and ABA once again had the honor of leading the ceremonial launch at the Bassmaster Classic and he has a few funny stories to share with us. ABA also has a ton of stuff on TV right now so be sure to check out the World Fishing Network and Versus to be sure you don’t miss ABA in action.