Synopsis of Episode 61:

We begin the show by talking bass fishing with our buddy Mark Jones. Mark has his hands full with the Oakley Big Bass Tour (now available on WFN – so set your DVR’s) and of course the up and coming Lone Star Series. Last season they gave away a Nissan Titan at the championship. This year’s purse includes a $25,000 Nitro! There are still ways to qualify for 2011 Lone Star Series championship on Sam Rayburn and the Central and North Divisions still have multiple events left.

Then our very own Angie Becker of Tioga Retrievers drops in for the first installment of our mini-series “The Progression of A Gun Dog.” My 8 month old chocolate female has been with Angie and Tim for over a month now and we discuss in depth how Belle is coming along. Also, what is expected of a pup when they begin training, and what should an owner be doing to prepare their pup for gun dog training? I am excited that we will be checking in with Angie periodically throughout Belle’s training.

Belle is all about her work- and I am proud to say she couldn’t have cared less that I came to visit.


We round out the broadcast by checking in with our GR8 Mounts/Lone Star Outdoors Show Bobcat Mount Contest Winner– Denton’s Barrett McLendon. Barrett shot this cat during bow season last year and was voted the winner of our contest by his peers. His story and photos were compelling because it was an archery kill and as most college kids would do, Barrett kept the cat next to the frozen pizzas in his freezer for 3 months in hopes of winning the contest. Thanks for all the great submissions and stories. Be sure to check out the podcast to hear Barrett describe his hunt.