Synopsis of Episode 63:

This week we start things off by talking big bass with our very own Lake Fork Guide Heath Hardwick. Big bass are beginning to spawn all over our state and Heath is a master at getting those huge females to strike while on their nest. From now until the end of May is the best time to catch a monster largemouth and Heath might just have the tip that helps you land that fish of a lifetime!

Waterfowl season may have come and gone but ya’ll know I’m always up for talkin’ ducks and our good buddy Charles Smith of Cadence Duck Calls drops in to do just that. Made right here in Texas, Cadence is hands down the best call I have ever blown. How did Charles get started in the industry and what seperates these Texas made calls from the competition? I might even blow my Cadence ‘Closer’ on the air and let Charles critique me.

Charles after a morning in the marsh

We then round out the broadcast with one of my favorite singer/songwriters – Dustin Perkins. Besides being an up and comer on the Texas music scene, Dustin is also and avid outdoorsman. I knew I had to get him on the show when minutes after meeting he took his phone out and started showing me pictures of dead animals and full stringers of fish! My kinda fella alright. Anyway, we’ll talk a little huntin and fishin’ and of course Dustin will play a few tunes for us as well.