Synopsis of Episode 77:

First of all, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers over the past week. Many of ya’ll know that I have been in the hospital two times over the past week with an emergency appendectomy and then complications following the surgery. So this week’s show was mostly recorded from my hospital bed. Feeling better!

Anyway, this week we are thrilled to have Captain Sig Hansen join us from the Discovery Channel’s long running hit show Deadliest Catch. The famous
We get into the long Norwegian heritage of the Hansen family as commercial fisherman. We’ll also talk about the old days and some of the close calls associated with the Northwestern. Fast money and even faster lives, the Bering Sea fisherman works hard and plays even harder.

Then we check in with a good buddy and one of my favorite outdoor writers, Conor Harrison of Lone Star Outdoor News. Most of us enjoy wetting a line as often as we can, but for some city folks that just isn’t practical. Driving an hour or more is often the norm but what if you only have a couple hours to scratch that fishing itch?

Conor and I set out to find a place right in the middle of Dallas to spend a morning on the water and hopefully catch a few fish. So whether you live in DFW, San Antonio or Houston the opportunities are all around you. Ultralight tackle, a kayak and a couple hours is all ya need for your next urban fishing adventure.