We get things rolling when renown bowhunter Tom Nelson drops in. Tom is the host of the Outdoor Channel’s longest running bowhunting show- American Archer. Not only has Tom been able to travel the globe flinging arrows at big game animals for a living, but he is also a board member and Auction Fundraising Chair of the Pope and Young Club. Founded in 1957, P&Y has been dedicated to record keeping and furthering the sport of bowhunting in North America. We are thrilled that the bi-annual convention is coming to Texas this spring. Tom also talks about the upcoming event which takes place in Dallas this April 10th-13th. We both hope to see everybody out there. Tom with a nice Texas boar!

 photo TomNelsonBoar_zps59fda250.jpg

Then a real treat when Evan Felker of the Turnpike Troubadours joins us. Evan is the front man for one of the best acts going on the Texas/Red Dirt scene right now. Of course the music is awesome, but I realized Evan is just like you and me after running into him at KHYI’s Texas Music Revolution 17. After just a few seconds of visiting I found out he is a passionate hunter and angler. We talk some tunes and mix in some big game hunting and wingshooting with one of the best singer/songwriters out there!

 photo TMR17-EvanFelker-Copy_zpsbd6a9de7.jpg

Next we mix in some bass fishing when our longtime friend Lake Fork Guide Heath Hardwick drops in. We recap the 2013 Bassmaster Classic and discuss the big females that are starting to show up on beds all over Texas. Heath tells us what to look for and what baits will help get that huge bucketmouth into your live well. Can’t beat this time of the year for big bass in the Lone Star State. Remember- go shallow!

 photo Bassonbed1_zpsd2f5c170.jpg

We round out this week’s show by talking spring turkey! And for those of you who know me…well lets just say I have a bit of a turkey hunting addiction. That being said, I am by no means the best turkey hunter out there. But countless days in the woods has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject and I am thrilled to share my Top 5 Turkey Hunting Tips with you fine folks. Hopefully my successes and failures just might help you bag that big tom this spring!

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