We start things off by talking mulies and pronghorn with our Texas Parks & Wildlife Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope Program Leader Shawn Gray. TPWD just introduced some new regulations that will give Texas hunters more opportunity to harvest each of these revered big game species. Shawn talks about giving landowners control of the number of antelope bucks they can harvest which should lead to more hunters chasing antelope this fall. We also discuss the recent pronghorn relocation effort headed up by his department. One of the estimated 11,000 pronghorn in the Texas Panhandle:

 photo PronghornNew_zpseff619e0.jpg

Shawn also breaks down the new regulations that will affect the 2013-2014 Texas mule deer season. How about an extra 3-4 weeks of hunting? Sounds good to us! Texas’ mule deer population has steadily improved since the historic drought of 2011. Things are looking good for this beautiful big game species.

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Then U.S. Army Master Sargent CJ Grisham joins the broadcast to discuss how he was illegally disarmed and arrested outside of Temple, Texas back in mid March. The Youtube video his son took of the exchange with the cops has become a viral sensation and he has been on such shows as Glenn Beck since his arrest. He still hasn’t gotten his guns back from the police department and his CHL license is suspended until the charges brought against him have been adjudicated. Master Sargent Grisham discusses the case and events surrounding the police arresting him for “rudely displaying a firearm”

Then we round out the show by checking in with Dr. Tim Fulbright- Endowed Research Scientist at the Ceasar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute in Kingsville, TX. Dr. Fulbright has over 30 years experience in wildlife research and he and his colleagues just concluded a 9 year study on whitetail deer populations that had access to year round supplemental feed vs deer on the same ranch that didn’t get supplemental feed. How was the natural browse and forage affected in both groups? Will deer essentially eat themselves out of house and home like the snow geese on the Arctic Tundra? Dr. Fulbright breaks it down for us.

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