This week we kick things off by touching base with longtime catfish tournament angler Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors. A seasoned catfish tournament angler, Greg is an expert on all things blue and channel catfish. With the channel cat spawn heating up all over Texas we focus on where to find and how to catch spawing channel cats. Greg breaks down the ideal water temperature range to look for as an indication that the spawn has started. Cut bait or punch bait, treble hook or circle hook? We cover it all with one of the best. With a 25 fish daily bag limit, a day on the water catching channel catfish can result in a heck of a fish fry! Greg with a nice 9 lb channel. Visit Greg’s Website

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Then we get into one of my favorite topics when longtime retriever trainer Angie Becker of Tioga Retrievers drops by to talk hunting dogs with us. Offseason/summer training tips, retriever nutrition, snake avoidance and finding the right retriever and training regimen are just a few of the thing we cover. Angie with 3 generations of Master Hunters trained at Tioga Retrievers.

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We round out this week’s show by talking some serious sport fishing with recreational tuna Captain Bruce Daniecki. Bruce and his partner run a boat out of Freeport, Texas and they specifically target both yellowfin and blackfin tuna. Captain Bruce discusses how far off shore you have to go in order to get into solid tuna fishing, also what fishing techniques they use to consistently pull tuna over the rail. Many anglers might not realize we have this great fishery just off the Texas coast but there are plenty of ways to get hooked up with some experienced tuna anglers. Forums such as 2CoolFishing (Visit 2CoolFishing) have a ton of great information and anglers who are more than willing to share their expertise. If you want to go on a tuna trip I recommend hooking up with a group of experienced anglers. Usually it will only require that you chip in for fuel. Captain Bruce with a beautiful Gulf of Mexico tuna haul.

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