This week it’s all about whitetail bucks and we start off by visiting with one of the most respected public land whitetail hunters out there in Wisconsin native Dan Infalt. He is so well respected in fact, that Field & Stream’s September cover story “Deer Hunting in the Real World” is solely based on Dan sharing his expertise and years of experience on killing big mature public land bucks. With 20 public land Pope & Young bucks to his credit, Dan clearly is a master at his craft.

We discuss his secrets for getting close to big bucks. How to locate their bedding areas. What time of day is the best time to kill a public land buck. How often can you hunt a certain stand. What spots are often overlooked by hunters & how Dan cuts back on his noise pollution while accessing a specific area. If you are serious about killing big pressured deer then you won’t want to miss this tell all interview. Dan with a mess of public land wall hangers:

 photo DanInfalt-Copy_zps33f7917f.jpg

Then we keep talking big bucks with Shaun Bradley, co-founder of Krooked Oak Treestands. Shaun is a lifelong whitetail fanatic who has been bowhunting exclusively for the past 15 years. As any bowhunter knows, finding the perfect tree to hang your stand can be the most challenging part of arrowing that mature buck. So he came up with a solution- the Krooked Oak Treestand’s unique design allows it to be put on any curved or leaning tree. Also, the removable platform allows hunters to hang as many bases as they want on their property while only having to purchase the one platform. Shaun also reflects on his fondest whitetail memory and the 219 inch monster that got away.

We are also very excited to have Krooked Oak as our September Photo of the Month sponsor. This month’s winner will enjoy their own Krooked Oak Treestand with an extra base! Send in your best outdoor photo for a chance to win. Krooked Oak’s unique design:

 photo KrookedOak4_zps10419641.jpg

We wrap things up by heading down to the Texas Coast for a visit with our old friend Captain Len Girard. We discuss the huge numbers of big trout being caught up and down the coast as well as the oncoming redfish spawn. The always affable Captain tells us where to find ’em and what to throw at ’em. One thing is for certain, Captain Len knows how to put his anglers on limits of trout and huge redfish like this one:

 photo RedfishSept_zps5559f3c6.jpg