Got a great show lined up for with some of our favorite Christmas tunes played throughout the show! If you like waterfowl hunting of any kind then you will especially enjoy our interview with writer Rob ‘R.K.’ Sawyer. His book “A Hundred Years of Texas Waterfowl Hunting” is the only book of it’s kind concerning waterfowling in the Lone Star State. Rob combined 3 years of extensive research and countless interviews with duck hunters of old. The book chronicles how waterfowling helped shape the Texas landscape, in many cases entire towns were founded based solely on how good the duck hunting was in an area.

 photo AHundredYears_zpsef82daec.jpg

The book provides an in depth look at how the mindset towards waterfowling in Texas was once solely based on food/sustenance. Then it gradually shifted towards market hunting and birds being harvested by the hundreds. Of course duck hunting was also big business around the turn of the 20th century and duck clubs started popping up all over. This lead to a boom for guides, decoy carvers and call makers. Rob gives us a great overview on the best book ever written concerning Texas and it’s place as as true waterfowl hunting destination. The book also contains plenty of timeless images of Texas duck hunters like the ones pictured below:

 photo AHundred2_zpsd78cc18b.png

After our in depth look at the history of Texas waterfowl hunting, we change it up and talk some archery with the world’s premiere instinctive archer- Frank Addington Jr. Instinctive archery shooting is fascinating and at it’s core, the purest form of hunting out there. Frank is actually bringing his world famous demonstration to Texas January 10th-12th for the 2014 Texas Tackle, Hunting and Boat Show which takes place at the Mesquite Convention Center and Rodeo Arena.

We absolutely couldn’t believe that a human being could knock a baby aspirin out of the air with a bow and arrow, but after visiting with Frank we are certainly looking forward to seeing him do just that in person. Frank talks about some of his successes and how instinctive shooting has made him a more proficient bowhunter. Check out this Youtube clip of Frank putting on one of his renown shows: