We start things off by tackling the latest invasive species epidemic to affect Texas outdoor enthusiasts when longtime outdoor writer Melissa Gaskill drops in. Her latest article in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine titled “The Roar of the Lionfish” dives in to the serious reality of these venomous little fish expanding into Texas waters. Native to parts of the Pacific and even the coast of Africa, lionfish have made their way down the entire Atlantic coast, Caribbean and into the Gulf of Mexico- first showing up off the coast of Texas in 2010.

Voracious ambush predators, lionfish will eat anything they can swallow and their stomach’s expand so that they can keep eating with every passing opportunity. They also prey on sport highly sought after sport fish such as small grouper and snapper. Melissa advises anglers and divers how they can help control these ‘feral hogs of the sea’. Look for lionfish on the menu of your favorite seafood joint- they are quite delicious!

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Next we talk whitetails with Team RIP Outdoors Pro Staffer Mike Sanders. Team RIP is a group of passionate young hunters from the Midwest who are eaten up with deer hunting among other things. We discuss Mike’s approach to scouting, from when he begins scouting to when he tries to get out of the woods so as not to bump deer before the season opens. We also cover trail cameras and cover scents/scent killer options. Mike with a nice buck taken this year back in his home state of Ohio.

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Then we change it up and talk some winter bass fishing with reigning BassMaster Elite Series Angler of the Year Aaron Martens. Aaron breaks down the highs and lows of his 2013 season which of course ended in the Aaron sitting atop the world of professional bass fishing. Was this title easier or harder to attain that his first AOY crown in 2005? How has pro bass fishing gotten even more competitive over the past few years? And we also find out what techniques and baits Aaron prefers during cold weather months when water temps drop into the low 50s or upper 40s. Great stuff with the 2 time AOY!

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