With Texas’ mule deer season underway we start things off by checking in with our good friend Texas Parks and Wildlife Mule Deer Program Leader Shawn Gray. We discuss how range conditions look across the 69 counties that have mule deer seasons. Did increased rains translate into solid antler growth? Should hunters expect to see nice bucks in 2013? All that, plus Shawn has some exciting news regarding opening some additional counties for mule deer in 2014! We are especially excited to visit with Shawn since we leave for El Paso on our own Texas mulie hunt this weekend!

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Then a very special in studio treat when Texas singer/songwriter Mark McKinney drops by. A native of Big Spring, Texas Mark’s dad was the president of the local bass club and Mark recalls spending plenty of time on the lake growing up. Of course Mark also brought his guitar and we take a listen to some tunes off his latest record “Standing My Ground”. He already has 2 Top Ten hits on the Texas Music Chart with ‘She Ain’t Leaving’ that went to #1 and the current single ‘Stolen Cash’ which currently sits at #9. Get ready for some good tunes and outdoor talk with one of Texas’ best!

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We wrap things up by talking whitetails with longtime outdoor writer Darren Warner. Darren writes for publications such as Outdoor Life, Peterson’s Bowhunting, and North American Whitetail among others. But it was his recent feature in Outdoor Life that I found very insightful. ‘Understand Your Glands’ provides a scientific look at how whitetails use their scent glands (endocrine system). From the tarsal gland to their forehead and everything in between, Darren breaks it all down for us. Hopefully, by understanding the way big bucks communicate with their glands, it might just make us better hunters. Who knows? Maybe it will even help you bag that bruiser of a lifetime.

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