It’s hard to believe this is our 200th episode! Thanks to all of you for tuning in over these past few years and thanks to our sponsors because without none of this would be possible. We’ve got a great show planned with a few cool giveaways lined up as well. To start things off we talk shotgunning with longtime outdoor writer Brad Fitzpatrick. His recent piece in Outdoor Life Magazine “Shotgunning’s 7 Deadly Sins” outlines some common mistakes that hunters make while shooting scatterguns. Brad provides some tips and goes over these Seven Deadly Sins in detail.

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Then we are joined by Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden Captain Kevin Davis. Captain Davis is a 23 year veteran and recently was chosen to head up the brand new Texas Game Warden K-9 Unit- the first of it’s kind for TPWD. Captain Davis talks about the units primary functions in aiding our Texas Game Wardens. We also discuss their extensive training program that both the handlers and dogs went thru in Utah. Pictured below are the first 5 dogs and their handlers. There are 5 more handler/dog teams in training right now. We are thrilled to see how this new K-9 aides in search and rescue efforts, narcotics trafficking and aiding in busting poachers and folks committing game violations.

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Next we check in with a good friend of the show in Rustic Reminders Taxidermist Josh Guenther. Josh and his wife Becky have long been our trusted taxidermists and today Josh provides some field care tips on how to take care of your trophy and properly transport it to your taxidermist. From western big game animals where you must completely remove the cape from the animals skull, to whitetail deer shot at the lease and taken directly to the taxidermist to ducks, fish, coyotes and bobcats. Josh breaks down each specific animal and the best way to ensure your taxidermist has everything they need to turn out a beautiful mount for you.

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Then we round out this special 200th Edition show with a few laughs when we take a listen to a few clips from some of our favorite interviews from the past few years. Jeff Foxworthy discusses his best ever deer camp prank. Phil “The Duck Commander” Robertson talks childbirth vs duck hunting and whether or not the birth of a child is worth missing a duck hunt for. Also, Texas Governor Rick Perry recounts his very well publicized run in with a coyote while on his morning jog outside of Austin, TX. Lets just say that he had his concealed carry weapon and things didn’t end up so well for the coyote. We look forward to reflecting on these funny moments of shows gone by.

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