Our old friend Don Gresham of Goin’ Fencing drops by to talk feral hogs with. Born and raised in Montague County, Texas- Don has hunted and trapped feral hogs his entire life. He knows their behavioral tendencies and can tell you to a day when they will be the most active each month. Don breaks it down for us from moon phases to what months of the year hogs are most likely to come to a feeder on a regular basis. Don’s custom traps can be found on ranches up and down the Gulf of Mexico and up the Eastern Shore. With the price of wild free ranging pork ranging between .20-50 cents per lb, a trap can pay for itself in less than year. Below- Don’s trap with a near record 44 hogs captured in one night:

 photo 44Hogs-Copy_zps5e4922c2.jpg

Then, a longtime supporter of our show makes his return. The man needs no introduction. A rock n roll legend and one of the outdoor industries biggest proponents, we are thrilled to welcome Ted Nugent back to the broadcast. I have a few questions lined up for Ted concerning Antler Restrictions, the new age hippy hunter and a major victory for the hunting community. However, ya never know where a visit with Ted will end up. So all I can tell ya is to hold on tight because we’ll likely be all over the map – but I guarantee there won’t be a dull moment with the Motor City Madman!

 photo TedNugentNew_zpsa2054ea7.jpg

Then we round out the show by checking in with 22 year US Army Veteran- Master Sergeant John Riley. This 44 lb striped bass he caught on Lake Austin would have been a lake record, but John and his buddy chose not to kill the fish and take it in to weigh it on a certified scale. Admirable, but it still stings! The most amazing thing about this fish tale, however, is the fact that John was bass fishing in 15 feet of water when he hooked the behemoth! Thanks for the service and for sharing your incredible fishing experience with us John!

 photo JohnRiley_zps22a9d27d.jpg