We start things off by tackling an important issue with The Pope & Young Club. Hunters are always trying to push the envelope, always looking for that edge in the field but sometimes technology can shift the odds in our favor too much and we are thrilled to have P&Y Club Marketing and Communications Manager Rick Mowery join the broadcast to discuss the club’s recent statement regarding the use of Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems) to aid in big game hunting efforts. As hunters we need to have a level of ethics and using drones to help one bag big game crosses the line in the club’s opinion. I agree with them and hope more states follow Colorado’s lead and make it an illegal practice all together. Drones are relatively inexpensive and readily available to the public so we certainly appreciate the proactive approach taken by the Pope and Young Club.

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Next we check in with a good ‘ol east Texas outdoorsman who moonlights as a real up and comer on the country music scene. Curtis Grimes made waves appearing on season one of NBC’s hit show The Voice. But it’s been a solid work ethic and talent that has taken him to the next level. We talk about his brand new record “Our Side of the Fence” (which just hit ITunes this past week) and we take a listen to a couple of the record’s singles when Curtis drops by the studio. A passionate deer hunter and catfish jug liner, Curtis is no stranger to deer camps and full coolers of Lone Star Beer! Curtis in the studio with us:

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Be sure to check out the latest record! You can definitely hear the influences of classic country artists like Alan Jackson and George Strait come through in much of his music. Good stuff from a good ol boy!

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We then round out the show by talking some fishing with a very unlikely source. He’s a former Indian Hoosier and first round NBA draft pick who spent 11 seasons lacing ’em up on the hardwood before trading in those high tops for sunshine and saltwater. Jared Jeffries, drops by to talk about his love for fishing and his new show ‘Modern Fishing With Jared Jeffries’ which airs Sunday’s at 2:30 PM Central on Outdoor Channel. A big fan of jigging and popping, Jared talks about his roots as a bass fisherman back home in Indiana to his current love of saltwater fishing and how he still uses those same techniques he perfected as kid on much larger and exotic fish today. Jared also discusses his role as an African American outdoor personality within the fishing community. He hopes he can inspire plenty of other youngsters who might not have been exposed to fishing to get out there and wet a line.

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