What an awesome show this week! We start things off by visiting with Austin, Texas angler Bryan Townsend. On February 1st, Bryan was fly fishing a stretch of the Colorado River with All Season’s Guide service when he hooked into a giant Guadalupe Bass. This unique species is only found in central Texas waters and is the official state fish of Texas. When the fish was landed, guide Shea Mclanahan took one look at the fish and knew it was a potential state record. After a day long ordeal, the fish was finally weighed on a certified scale and weighed 3.71 lbs- besting the previous state 30 year old state record Guadalupe Bass of 3.69 lbs set in 1983! Bryan shares his remarkable fish tale about catching the new state record Guadalupe Bass!

 photo BryanTownsendGuadelupeBass_zpse376f8c8.jpg

Next we are joined by our good friend and Army Bass Anglers Founder United States Army Lt. Colonel Cody Roberson. Army Bass Anglers has partnered up with a couple great non-profits in 2014 as part of the “Support” piece of their three fold mission statement. Including the Kim Munley Foundation which was founded by Sergeant Kim Munley, who was shot 3 times while responding to the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting that claimed the lives of 13 people while 30 others injured. The foundation benefits the families of those soldiers who were gunned down that fateful day. Then we recap the 2014 Bass Master Classic as Army Bass Anglers once again had the honor of being the ceremonial first boat out of the launch each morning. Lt Colonel Roberson also talks about the Army Bass Anglers hit show Force on Force which airs on the World Fishing Network. Hooah!

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Then with spring turkey and spring training finally her, former Texas Ranger and Longview, Texas native Chris Davis steps up to the plate. An avid outdoorsman, Chris talks about growing up in East Texas and eventually getting drafted by the team he rooted for as kid. Sadly things didn’t go as planned during hi time with the Rangers and he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles in 2011. Two years later, Chris is coming off a season in which he lead the Major Leagues in home runs with 53 and RBI with 138. Chris talks about trying to replicate those numbers in 2014 as well as what pitcher in the AL he least likes to face. Of course we wouldn’t have this good ‘ol East Texas boy on the show without talking some hunting and a little bass fishing. Chris with a nice Runnels County feral hog he smoked with the AR he built for himself:

 photo ChrisDavis_zpsfafe7d78.jpg

We wrap up the broadcast by checking in with Lone Star Bowhunter’s Association President Dena Kana. If you aren’t familiar with the organization, the LSBA is celebrating 40 years of promoting bowhunting and advocating for bowhunter’s rights in the state of Texas. Dena talks about the LSBA’s mission statement, plus some exciting events the LSBA is putting on in 2014. We also cover the controversial alligator gar issue that we discussed in recent weeks. If you like to bowhunt in Texas and aren’t a member of the LSBA, I encourage you to join. Membership is only $25 per year and the LSBA is the only organization looking out for the Texas bowhunter. A passionate bowhunter herself, Dena took this alligator with traditional archery equipment.

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