This week we start off with one of the most inspiring tales of dedication that the outdoor industry has ever seen. Takahiro Omori left his native Japan for the U.S. at 21 with dreams of becoming a professional bass fisherman. He lived in a ’93 Chevy Suburban on Lake Fork for years, missing cut after cut in the tournaments he fished. But he studied the sport like no one before or since, after a missed cut he’d take his boat out and watch and photograph anglers like Rick Clunn, he’d take notes and then he’d study everything he observed.

Soon, Tak began winning and he reached in the pinnacle of pro bass fishing by winning the 2004 Bassmaster Classic. He since has built a house on Lake Fork with a swimming pool, but he doesn’t swim in it. He uses the pool to test new baits and see how they move underwater. Tak has been a mainstay on the pro circuit for years now and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He currently fishes the BassMaster Elite Series and Major League Fishing and has qualified for 10 Classics. He truly is living proof that the American Dream is alive and well!

 photo Takahiro2_zpsc568a3db.jpg

Next we talk some whitetail management with industry leader Jason Shipman. His name is pretty much synonymous with growing big bucks in Texas. And if you’ve ever picked up a copy of Texas Trophy Hunter Magazine, then you’ve probably read some of his work. Today we discuss the technique of “stacking” age classes of bucks and how it can double or even triple the number of trophy quality bucks on your ranch or lease and what hunter doesn’t want to see more big bruisers on their place? This low fence Texas whitetail from one of the ranches Jason helps manage is proof that stacking is a viable tool when it comes to growing big deer:

 photo Stacking_zpsb50157df.jpg

Then our good friend and Army Bass Anglers founder Lt. Colonel Cody Roberson stops by to talk some fishing and give us the low down on what’s new with Army Bass Anglers. We discuss the hit show ‘Force on Force’ where teams from the different branches of the military square off against one another in an elimination bracket style tournament. Force on Force airs on the World Fishing Network.

We also discuss some new sponsors that Army Bass Anglers has recently signed. Lt. Colonel Roberson has been in the industry for some time and knows a thing or two about what makes a potential sponsor want to give you product or make a financial commitment to you. So for any young, aspiring outdoorsmen/anglers out there looking to recruit sponsorship- you won’t want to miss this valuable insight into how the industry works. Army Bass Angler Pro Staff Dale Hughes and friend of the ABA Randy Havard take first place at the TTZ Canyon Lake event, weighing in a 17 lb sack and taking home first place:

 photo ArmyBassAnglers_zps2eed578d.jpg

We round out the show by discussing live bait fishing with Texas Outdoors Journal writer Danno Wise. His recent Tackle Tips & Techniques piece sheds light on the various ways and applications to fish a minnow. Many anglers probably just hook a minnow the same way every time, likely the way their dad or grandfather showed them. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you can increase the number of fish you catch by changing up where you hook a minnow and how you fish them, from a Carolina Rig to free lining them, to using the traditional cork or bobber. Danno discusses when and how to do each. (Photo By Noel Stacey)

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