Anybody who has hunted long enough has been faced with a questionable rifle shot. You know, the one where you can make out the animal very clearly, but you have to shoot through a bit of vegetation, grass or brush. Do you take the shot? How much does a tiny bit of brush really affect the trajectory of your bullet? Outdoor Life Magazine Editor & Chief Andrew McKean recently conducted an experiment on this exact scenario where he analyzed how much deflection vegetation has on some of the more popular hunting rounds. We break down his feature “Brush Busters” which appeared in the June/July issue of Outdoor Life. Andrew with a beautiful bull moose!

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Next up one of the most recognizable faces of the outdoor industry makes his return to the show when the always affable Bill Dance stops by for a couple of segments. We discuss some of Bill’s favorite salt water species to pursue from tarpon, to big bull redfish and even barracudas. Then we switch things up and talk low pressure systems and how they can affect feeding largemouth behavior and feeding patterns during spring and summer warm weather months. Does Bill prefer to fish ahead of or behind heavy precipitation and why? All that and a whole lot more with one of the 3 time Bassmaster Angler of the Year (1970, ’73, ’77) and host of the popular hit show Bill Dance Outdoors which has been on the air continuously since 1968!

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We wrap things up this week when our good buddy and fishing guide Captain Len Girard joins us live from the Upper Laguna Madre for our Texas coastal fishing report. Have the big specks shown up in the shallows in good numbers? What is Captain Len catching them on and at what depth? Also, we talk big redfish like the ones caught by this recent group of clients. This one should leave little doubt that now is the time to head to the Texas coast!

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