This week fly fishing blogger and renown fishing photographer Louis Cahill of Gink & Gasoline stops by discuss his recent piece
“Chug a Coke, Save a Bleeding Fish”. For years bass anglers have sworn that pouring a soft drink over a gill hooked bass can save the fish’s life. Is there any validity to it, or is it urban legend? Louis breaks it down for us. Also, he shares some valuable photography tips that can really help make the images you capture during your outdoor adventures stand out and pop! Great insight for folks looking to win one of our monthly photo contests… (Photo by Louis Cahill)

 photo TroutCoke_zps40ee4e46.jpg

Next we get into an in depth whitetail discussion to help ease us through these dog days of summer. How much does moon phase play into when whitetails move during daylight hours? Afterall, that is the only time hunters have a chance to harvest a whitetail so understanding when and why they move is vital. This weekend we check in with longtime hunter, whitetail author and researcher Dr. Bob Sheppard. In over 30 years of research Dr. Sheppard has compiled data from over 400,000 deer sightings by whitetail hunters. You might be surprised at how the moon phase really does affect deer movement.

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Then our longtime friend and catfish guide Greg Pavur of Pavur Outdoors makes his return to the show. We go “River Monsters’ on ya as Greg discusses where to find monster flathead catfish during the summer months. He talks about his setup as well, from fishing line to hooks and what bait flatheads are most likely to bite. How long will he sit at a particular log jam or river bend waiting for that one bite? Greg shares his expertise and also touches on the channel cat spawn and where to find big schools of hungry, post spawn channels. Great with a 40 plus lb flathead:

 photo GregFlathead_zps4c08defc.jpg

We wrap things up when Lone Star Outdoor News writer Steven Schwartz drops in to discuss barbed vs barbless hooks. He recently wrote an article on the subject and touched on a few recent experiments where anglers were randomly given barbed hooks vs barbless hooks. Was there a significant difference in the catch rate for the two groups? What about on conventional tackle vs fly rods? Longtime Lake Fork fly fishing guide Rob Woodruff shared his insight with Steven based on 35 years of fly fishing experience and Rob’s stance on barbless hooks for largemouth bass is definitely worth taking a listen to.

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