Dove season is finally here…and with the 2014-2015 hunting season officially underway I thought we’d talk some shotgunning tips this week. Of course, I’m no Tom Knapp so we’ll visit the Lone Star Outdoors Show archives and check in with Outdoor Life contributing writer Brad Fitzpatrick. His article “Shotgunning’s 7 Deadly Sins” outlines some quality tips on what to do and not do with your scattergun this season. Afterall, I think every wingshooter out there would prefer to increase their shots fired to birds killed ratio- I know I would.

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Next up we are joined by longtime outdoor writer and Field and Stream Conservation Editor Hal Herring. A jack of all trades, Hal writes for many publications and his recent feature in Trout Unlimited Magazine really offered some fascinating insight onto the debate of using Rotenone poison to wipe out introduced species of trout along certain stretches of rivers and streams.

Why would anybody want to poison and remove established populations of brown, rainbow and even brook trout? Well, the answer stems from the native Cutthroat trout that has been wiped out of many stretches of it’s native habitat by these aggressive and highly adaptable other species. Brook Trout are native to New York, Rainbow trout to California and Brown trout hail from Germany! Yet we find these species all over much of the country, in areas that once belonged to the cutthroat. At the heart of the issue, biodiversity and conservation are tied together and are things that every one of us should be concerned with.

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Then we go back in time and hear some of the most outrageous hunting related stories ever told on the Lone Star Outdoors Show. Guest’s like Jeff Foxworthy, Phil Robertson and Texas Governor Rick Perry cover everything from funny deer camp pranks, coyote killing adventures and reflecting on the birth of their children. You don’t want to miss this visit to the audio vault!

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