This week we start things off by checking in with our good friend and whitetail authority Dr. James Kroll – AKA “Dr. Deer”. After record whitetail populations during the late 90’s to early 2000’s, we are seeing a concerning downward trend in population and harvest numbers across the board. Even more alarming is the fact that Texas is not exempt from this trend as we’ve had a drop in harvest numbers each of the past 5 seasons. Dr. Deer talks about his recent 9 page press release on why this trend is occurring. Is it mismanagement or does most of it has to do with Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD). Every one of these public land bucks died of EHD in a matter of weeks:

 photo EHD_zpse92b001f.jpg

Then we change it up with Dr. Deer and focus on the use of scented deer attractants. A long time detractor of using such scents, Dr. Deer recently changed his tune. What happened to make him change his stance? Extensive research conducted by Dr. Deer and his team resulted in a new theory that you can indeed create a ‘Staging Area’ for whitetail deer. These areas occur naturally in the wild and it’s a place where alot of fraternization occurs between bucks and does. So what if you could create this type of area using an attractant and then hunt the travel corridors that lead to it? Dr. Deer breaks it down for us.

 photo DrDeerKill_zps399640c5.jpg

Next up we talk some fishing and more specifically we talk non game birds with Texas Parks & Wildlife Ornithologist Cliff Shackleford. Cliff oversees our state’s non game birds and joins us to talk about how blue herons and other wading birds can help us become better anglers. Herons often are looked upon with disdain by anglers since they do eat fish. BUT, by paying attention to where these birds hang out and when, one can put more fish in the boat. Herons relate to bait fish and game fish such as bass, crappie, catfish etc. relate to those bait fish as well. So, find the heron- find the fish.

 photo BlueHeron2_zps3ec049b0.jpg

We wrap up the show when Burt Coyote and Lumenok’s Marketing Director Jim Crane drops in to talk some archery. No single product has revolutionized the way we track arrowed animals or the way we view archery shots on TV like the Lumenok has. Jim gives us the history of how the Lumenok came into existence. 17 prototypes later…the archery community would embrace the lighted nock. Practice, tuning your bow, tracking wounded game, arrow recovery and bowhunting videography would never be the same.

 photo LumenokStock_zps218b18ba.jpg