Happy Wade seems like as jovial and nice a human being as you’ll come across. So it should come as no surprise that immediately jumped into the fray when a rabid bobcat attacked his wife a few weeks back. The video has since gone viral with hundreds of millions of views worldwide. I was pleased to find out his son Jake follows my Instagram account and so we were able to line up Happy for a discussion on this crazy occurrence.

We get into the extent of their injuries, what sidearm Happy was able to shoot the cat with, a 3rd neighbor who also was attacks just minutes prior and more. Plus, Happy is an avid black bear hunter and North Carolina has the biggest bruins in the country. We dive into their rich bear hunting tradition as well.

(abbreviated clip from the Wade’s security camera outside their home)


Then we check in with our old friend Brad Luttrell of GoWild. Brad and his team have recently found an uptick in the number of folks being scammed by website claiming to be ammunition dealers when in reality they don’t even have an online store. They’re simply trying to swindle you. We talk some spring turkey and then hit on some quick tips that should help folks know what to look for when trying to vet these online ammo stores before making a purchase. Be sure to download the GoWild App to join a great community of outdoor enthusiasts void of the censorship you get with Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.