Episode 597 was one of the most fun discussions I’ve had in some time. It’s always a treat to have world renowned big game hunter and adventurer Corey Knowlton in the studio. This week, his friend and Jim Shockey’s cameraman of 10 years Todd Bissenden came along as well.

Episode Highlights:

– Are there any 100 lb elephants left?
– Outfitter eff ups
– Zebra duiker in Liberia
– Things to say to a hunter when they screw up the shot
– Canadian government keeping unvaxxed American hunters out
– Thoughts on Colorado bow hunter killed by another hunter
– Kalahari trackers pursuing leopard on foot
– What caliber was the craze before the 6.5 Creedmoor?
– Should one run when face to face with a big cat?
– Corey’s best Australian impersonation
(Corey is no stranger to big bull elephants, results of a successful 2021 safari)