I’ve been to South Africa’s Eastern Cape five times since it last saw decent rainfall. That all changed recently when the heavens opened up. While certainly needed, it came with a price as fences washed away, animals drowned and tank dams didn’t hold. My longtime friend and PH Carl Van Zyl of John X Safaris makes his return this week to discuss those very things. We also dive into the Omicron Covid 19 situation and how Biden’s latest overreach could impact all the international outfitters trying to get to the states for the upcoming trade show season next month.

Lastly, Carl poses an interesting question when it comes to the term ‘trophy hunting’. Neither of us have the answer, but it’s certainly worthy of discussion.

(The rains have everything green and a long drought in the rear view mirror)

(Torrential Downpour at the Woodlands camp)


Next we check in with Pnuma Outdoors’ Will Cooper. We rehash the highs and lows from the 2021 whitetail season. One that recently culminated with Will taking this beautiful Hill Country bruiser. We also get into the latest gear from Pnuma and talk a little bit about their unique Heated Core lineup- a game changer for those extremely cold mornings in the deer stand or duck blind.