Each January I head west to Pavur Outdoors (Seymour, TX) where I’m joined by my Missouri boys. This was our 6th annual duck/hogapolooza hunt where we spend 3 or 4 days chasing ducks and thermal hog hunting. It’s always one of my favorite hunts of the year being in camp with Sean, Jeff, Eric and Mike. The bourbon and conversation was flowing during this episode which we taped at the lodge.

Sean Callahan and his cousin Jeff Callahan are lifelong waterfowlers and so we talk Mississippi Flyway ducks and geese. How has the migration pattern changed over the years? Is it similar to what I’ve seen personally in the Central Flyway? Are private land owners really changing/manipulating enough habitat for the purpose of holding ducks that it has made a noticeable difference in migration?

(Me and the boys with 27 birds we took during one of our duck hunts on this trip)

Then we spend some time talking wild game as it’s no secret this crew (with outfitter Greg Pavur included) aren’t shy about pushing perceived norms on wild game. From wild boar testicles, to slow cooked mountain lion, duck tongues, grilled bobcat, javelina, wild hog fetuses and this year bacon wrapped crow poppers- there’s simply nothing we won’t try. Sean and Jeff also go in depth into the art of making your own wild game sausages and cured meats.

Lastly, Greg joins the mix and reveals a mind blowing sacrifice he was willing to make when he starting out as a hunting guide over a decade ago.

(Pineapple brats and homemade andouille links with a side of bacon wrapped crow)