Alaskan Governor Mike Dunleavy wasn’t hard to find at the SCI Convention in Las Vegas, I simply looked for the tallest guy in the room. Once I found the governor, he was more than willing to carve out a few minutes for an impromptu interview on the repeated attempts by the federal government to close 40 million acres of public land to all non local hunters.

‘The federal government has proposed closing vast swaths of land to caribou and moose hunters to non-locals in two game management units in Alaska. The Federal Subsistence Board will review a proposal to close GMU 23 and 26A from August 1 to September 20, 2021, to hunters who do not qualify as federal subsistence hunters. These two GMUs represent more than 40 million acres of public land – about the size of the entire state of Georgia.’ – Sportsmen’s Alliance

Governor Dunleavy also talks about his passion for big game hunting and his favorite type of venison. The Governor with his Alaskan musk ox he took in 2021.

Next, Henry makes his return to the show (begrudgingly I might add) and we revisit our whitetail season. What a season it was for the kiddo as he took his first buck – a beautiful 6.5 year old South Texas buck. I’m not sure who was more pumped, me or him!

We round out the broadcast by checking in with British Columbia black bear, elk and mountain lion outfitter Glen Wallam of Coastal Bear Hunting Adventures. We discuss the implications that draconian covid vaccine mandates and lockdowns have had on Canadian outfitters. Glen also talks about an accident that cost him the use of this left arm and how his lion hounds are responsible for giving him the nudge he needed to stop feeling sorry for himself and to keep on keepin’ on. Of course that leads us into an in depth conversation on mountain lion hunting and conservation.