Idaho native Wyatt Stocks is a whitetail hunter and shed hunting fanatic. The frequency with which he encounters wolves while shed hunting means he always has a rifle on his pack. Wyatt joins the show this week to talk about one incredibly rare day he recently spent shed hunting in Idaho’s back country. But sheds were the furthest thing from what he actually brought home. I’ve never heard of a hunter putting their tag on a wolf and a mountain lion within minutes, but that’s exactly what happened. Wyatt gives us the low down on how that hunt played out.

Then we take a listen to a recent visit with Blood Origin’s Robbie Kroger. Few organizations are as important to the future of hunting as Blood Origins. The way they present the story of hunting is uniquely refreshing. I believe they’re capable of pushing the conversation forward with non hunters who traditionally have been on the fence about sustainable use hunting. Robbie breaks down their latest projects and we take a look at the new apex predator the anti hunting community has shifted it’s focus towards.

(Robbie and I at the recent SCI Convention in Las Vegas)