You may have seen hunting organizations like SCI bring the New Mexico bighorn sheep tag situation to light recently as a group of New Mexico residents appear up in arms over how the state dishes out big horn sheep tags to residents and non-residents. Does one group really want to cut non-resident tags out of the equation altogether? And how should you feel about that when it comes to those tags being on federal land? (I.E. – you and I own it). This issue hits close to home for me as a hunter who puts in for these once in a lifetime big horn draws across the west each year.

So, I figured we’d try to get to the bottom of this ordeal by visiting with New Mexico Wildlife Federation Executive Director (and leader of the group in question) Jesse Duebel. I think he makes some great points regarding New Mexico Fish and Game’s antiquated system for allocating big horn tags, however there is also quite a bit of resentment from New Mexicans towards the agency based off of past allocations. I’m not sure it makes sense to punish non residents for something they had no control over. I don’t know what the answer is, but it better include non residents getting a decent crack at drawing tags on federal land. Either way, Jesse is a die hard hunter and outdoorsman and I certainly found it beneficial to understand his perspective on the issue.

Next, we visit with Brandon Gleaton of Even Embers. We get into the fruits of one’s labor when it comes to whitetail management then we spend some time on the back patio cooking up wild game with my new Even Embers Griddle. I never had the pleasure of utilizing one of these flat tops until recently. Absolutely love how diverse this thing is. Pick one up at Tractor Supply!

(Moose smash burgers and all the fixins)