How is the 2022 fall flight shaping up for duck hunters? Duck’s Unlimited National Director of Fundraising and R3 Programs David Schuessler joins the show to break down what the 2022 Waterfowl Survey numbers reveal. Which species are thriving vs which saw a decline in population trends? Keep in mind that the USFWS didn’t conduct the annual survey in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why do species like the pintail continue to struggle? How has the current drought cycle affected population trends? What about shifts in agricultural practices? Is the incessant demand for corn/ethanoyl beneficial or destructive for waterfowl? David gives us his take on these topics and much more.

Then we check in with in with Sportsmen’s Alliance VP Brian Lynn. As a lifelong Washington state resident, Brian has seen how his state’s wildlife management agency has been infiltrated by anti hunting ideology, even up to the commission board. I think the warning is timely seeing that Texas is seeing a real push for TPWD to listen to these anti predator killing/anti trapping agendas for the first time I can remember.

We also take a look at the status of the lawsuit filed by Sportsmen’s Alliance, SCI and other partners against the state of California resulting from their recent law preventing advertising firearms to minors. The issue with the law is how vaguely it’s written. Either way, it’s a major threat to hunter and shooting sports recruitment. Lastly, we touch on lead shot bans and why they lack science since we manage wildlife on population and not individual levels.