This one is going to ruffle some feathers, but you know I really don’t give a crap. Neither does my good friend Ty Stubblefield. That’s why I respect the man, he calls it like it is regardless of who it offends. On this episode of Campfire Conversations, Ty shares exactly why he soured on his position with Back Country Hunters & Anglers (BHA) and ultimately had to walk away from the organization.

We also discuss his background in the Oregon logging industry and how it lead him into a career in conservation and environmentalism. Of course we relive some of the funnier moments from our 2019 Montana archery elk hunt and discuss our 2022 elk seasons as well. Ty also has some hot takes on what to do with wolves and grizzly bears that will certainly piss off some people. We wrap things up by getting into his new endeavor into the world of bison ranching.

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(That time the famous elk killing machine forgot his hunting boots on our week long Montana archery elk hunt)