I first came across Angie Kokes in a recent Outdoor LifeĀ feature that chronicled her taking a mature whitetail buck with a spear. I was instantly intrigued. What is the temperature for spear hunting in 2022, from both the pro and anti hunting sides of the fence? It seems like one of those things that makes even some hunters cringe…but is that response really warranted?

Angie shares her journey as a hunter and what lead her to pick up a spear in the first place. We talk about her travels to Alaska for black bear and the challenges of hunting South Africa with a pointy stick before we hear how she was able to sneak up to 5 feet of a bedded whitetail buck on her farm in Nebraska!

Next, Dr. Brad Dabbert of the Quail Tech Alliance makes his return (Brought to you by Quail Coalition and Park Cities Quail ). We discuss a recent study Quail Tech conducted on chick survival rates when offered timely supplemental feed vs chicks not offered the feed. We also look at how Quail Tech traps quail in order to fit tiny radio transmitters on their backs. Lastly, we discuss ideal weather conditions for bird dogs and Dr. Dabbert gives us his forecast for the 2022 quail season.