If you’re family is anything like mine, you probably spent a good portion of the holiday season with family and friends. The rest however was likely spent in a deer or duck blind. I recap some of the hunting highs and lows over the past few weeks (Much of that time spent tent camping at the deer lease with Henry). Not sure what I was more stoked about, taking a bobcat with my bow or shooting my first hybrid duck, but both experiences were ones that won’t soon be forgotten. Of course it wasn’t all positives as Henry and I were ghosted by a mature 8 point the last week of the season that was coming in pretty regularly prior to our attempt to tag him.

Then we’ll take a look at Project Coyote’s recent attempt to have the coyote federally protected in areas where Mexican gray wolves have been reintroduced. Subsequently, one must once again draw the connection between Project Coyote and the fake “pro hunting” organization calling themselves Texans for Mountain Lions. One of Texans For Mountain Lions founding members also financed and produced an anti predator hunting film for Project Coyote where she also sits on their board. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and the flames are getting out of control with this whack jobs pretending to be pro hunting.

We round out the broadcast by visiting with our old friend and longtime taxidermist Becky Guenther of Rustic Reminders Taxidermy. Becky has had a heck of a season, taking her first alligator on a TPWD drawn hunt and her first bull elk in New Mexico. She also gives us some insight on how to properly prepare your trophy for the taxidermist. Tips for varmints and waterfowl vary greatly from how you need to prep your deer, elk or any other large ungulate.