I’ve hunted Mule deer in 4 states with modest success. Sure, I’ve killed a few bucks, but eaten tag soup more often than not. The grey ghost and I consequently have developed a love/hate relationship as a result. So when my good friend and international hunting buddy Arturo Villegas starting telling me about hunting giant mulies in Sonora, Mexico my interest peaked immediately. Sonora is known for it’s giant, chocolate racked bucks and I wanted to see them for myself.

Art joins me on this week’s episode to recap that amazing experience. Of course there were highs and lows just like any hunting trip, but the overall experience was one that I can’t wait to relive. The people, the food, the culture and my oh my the hunting were all incredible. We talk about the logistics of getting to Sonora, traveling to Mexico with a firearm, why the bucks get so big in the arid desert climate, protein thieving coyotes, fresh seafood in the desert, and the practice of air drying meat in order to make ‘machaca’ among other things.

We’ll relieve how my hunt played out, the style of hunting, glassing from elevation, the size of the ranch and how they keep pressured deer from leaving for the neighbors. Plus, mountain lions on the game camera, jumping cactus and Arturo sheds some insight on the famed Tiburon Island and the amazing mule deer and desert big horn sheep hunting that takes place their. This was no doubt one of my favorite hunting adventures over the past few years.

(Typical lunch chef Rene whipped up for us at our rustic hunting camp)

(Coyotes have recently started hitting the protein feeders, adaptable creatures indeed)

(Arturo, Angel and I sipping tequila after the day’s hunt, you can see my hammock in the background)