Sportsmen’s Alliances VP Brian Lynn makes his return this week. We discuss his home state of Washington and the new anti hunting management plan attempted to be implemented by their hunting/fishing commission. A plan void of predator management that would ultimately affect hunter opportunity for ungulates. Then we move to New Mexico where a couple new bills would ultimately make anyone who doesn’t turn in their handguns, rifles or shotguns (capable of holding more than 10 rounds) a felon by July 2023.

We wrap up the conversation by checking in on Colorado and their plan to enforce hunting license purchasers to pay for a $13 “voluntary” non toxic shot add on to their license. How is it voluntary if you require it’s purchase? Of course we also get into their wolf issue and lack of a viable management plan moving forward as well.

Then check in with duck hunter and dog trainer Blaine Tarnecki of Hudson River Retrievers. Blaine is widely considered the authority on Boykin Spaniels and their place among duck dog breeds. He has titled more champions than any trainer who handles Boykins. We discuss the pros and cons of the fiery little breed and how they stack up to the standard Labrador Retriever. If you’re looking for a smaller dog that still delivers a big payout in the field then you won’t want to miss this conversation. You can find Blaine’s FB page here:  Hudson River Retrievers