While they might look like your neighbor’s mutt, truly wild (feral) dogs have no place on the landscape. Often void of human fear and quite aggressive, they’re also hell on wildlife and livestock. One Houston area listener recently sent me some images of the aftermath when a pack of 5 large wild dogs dug under the fence and got into the family ranch. He prefers to remain anonymous due to potential backlash from animal rights activists but as you will hear him describe, the whole event was truly tragic.

The pack of dogs remained on the family property for 4-5 days before anyone realized what occurred. The aftermath wasn’t pretty as the dogs went on a 10 axis deer killing spree. They didn’t eat all of the animals, and it was clear they were just killing for the sport of killing. The hunter talks about finding the massacre, the dog’s aggressive behavior towards them when they discovered the pack and what they did to resolve the situation. Where did the dogs come from and is this becoming more common in certain areas?

Then we spend some time with Navy SEAL Trevor Thompson. Talk about a guy who’s lived a fascinating life. Three tours of duty in the Middle East, thousands of jumps out of perfectly good airplanes and a moose/grizzly guide in Alaska. We talk bucket list hunts, the Biden Admin’s weaponization of the ATF and his passion for hunting with a long bow among other things. You can follow him on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/trevor.p.thompson/