SCI Foundation Large Carnivore Program Leader Maria Davidson has spent her career working with bears. After retiring from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the SCI Foundation brought her on to head up their large carnivore team. Maria and I taped this one while at the recent SCI Convention in Nashville. The conversation was interesting and educational. Does she think we will ever get a grizzly season back in the Lower 48? What does she think about my take on possibly having black bears repopulate most of Texas? Much to discuss on some of our most debated and iconic American species.

Next we are joined in studio by my old friends and JoJo’s breeder/trainer Rusty & Ashlee Haglund of Trigger Time Kennels. We discuss what most hunters are looking for in a retriever (the physical traits have changed drastically over the past decade or so) and some of the common mistakes that owners make when working with their dog prior to taking them to a professional trainer. I’m on my 3rd lab and have made mistakes with all 3 of them. It’s important to note that every dog’s personality is as unique as ours, and how they respond to pressure or correction varies greatly. What about Golden Retrievers and Chessies? Where do they fall into line as viable waterfowl breeds in 2023? Lots to discuss with two of JoJo’s favorite people.