Our old friend Jesse Duebel of the New Mexico Wildlife Federation makes his return to the show this week. The passionate big game hunter gives us his thoughts on why New Mexico continues to be squarely in the crosshairs of anti hunting organizations. Has the Land of Enchantment’s Game and Fish Commission been infiltrated or stacked with anti hunting members like we see in Washington state, or is there something else going on?

We discuss the low hanging fruit (hound hunting and large predators) of anti hunting groups and the reality that once these things are taken away, it’s nearly impossible to get them back.  So in an attempt to be proactive, Jesse has been outspoken regarding changing regulations when it comes to requiring hunters to remove the edible portions of bear, cougar and javelina from the field. Why does he feel so strongly that New Mexico change this law? How have hunters reacted to his recommendation?

Other high points from the conversation include:

  • archery elk plans
  • wolves on the landscape
  • how New Mexico bear quotas work
  • bear meat
  • cougar hunting with hounds
  • does New Mexico’s political leanings make it an easy target for anti hunting groups?