No hunter, outdoorsman, biologist I’ve come across dismisses Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) as a made up disease that doesn’t affect an infected deer. However, is CWD really the Grim Reaper for deer herds? With Tennessee’s state wildlife agency possibly manipulating CWD positive numbers and TPWD posting billboards on popular interstates while sending out mailers to licensed  Texas hunters I’m left scratching my head. Why is so much attention being paid to CWD? We know other diseases kill infinitely more deer than this one.

Joining me on this week’s show are deer breeders Jason Chancey and Jory Rector. They shed some light on actual CWD testing/positives in the Lone Star State. Plus we discuss some of the draconian measures that TPWD takes when it comes to killing deer that have tested negative for CWD. I know the deer breeding and high fence industry is loathed by some hunters. That is fine, but they’re here to stay so lets have a meaningful conversation concerning their real impact on CWD in Texas. The numbers might surprise us all.