This one is all ducks all the time. Our old friend and Ducks Unlimited Senior Waterfowl Scientist Mike Brasher makes his return to the show. We discuss some changes in puddle duck populations based off the recent 2023 Annual Waterfowl Survey. Do scientists get alarmed by big percentage changes by species on a year to year basis, or do they look at population trends based off longer sample sizes? Why are pintails finally showing improvement? Why is the hardiest mallard seemingly doing the opposite? What about divers like canvasbacks and scaup? Mike even shares some little know facts about the rare ruddy duck. We take a species by species look at some of the ducks most likely to make up hunters straps this season.

Then I’ll pick Mike’s brain on everything he knows about sea ducks. Keeping in mind that these aren’t birds that Ducks Unlimited specializes in historically. We wrap up the conversation by reflecting on some of our most memorable hunts, favorite recipes and a new research project duck hunters can participate in this fall.