Bucks like this don’t get killed very often, even less frequently when the hunter is a 14 year old. Thrilled to have Rickey and Reili Brewer in studio this week to share the tale of a true East Texas giant buck. ‘Ol Monroe’ as Rickey named him eluded hunters on the 12,000 acre Red River Army Depot for years before meeting his end the last sit of the Texas Youth Season. The father/daughter team shares the journey of trying to outsmart the 238 3/8 inch buck.

We also discuss the Depot itself and how the hunting is regulated among other things. Rickey’s history and personal encounter with deer also add to the emotional roller coaster of the past few seasons. Could a buck of this caliber ever have turned into a giant without TPWD imposed antler restriction regulations? All that and much more coming at ya on one of the most memorable big buck tales I’ve heard in some time.