Straight walled cartridges have been around for over 150 years. So the technology isn’t new, but it has evolved considerably in recent years. That evolution has lead to some state wildlife agencies opening up straight walled specific deer seasons or at least having them coincide with the usual black powder or shotgun seasons. On this episode our good friends Mark Boardman and Ryan Muckinhearn of Vortex Optics make their return. We discuss their recent edition of ‘Cartridge Talks’ where they took a look at the pros and cons of two of the more popular straight walled options in the form of the .350 Legend and the .450 Bushmaster.

One of the guys was pleasantly surprised at the performance of one of these calibers. We find out why and how they determined performance during their exploration of each. We also discuss some recent personal testimony on various bullet constructions and their performance at specific distances. Be sure to check out Vortex’s Cartridge Talks for more in depth analysis of various cartridges in the future.