Blood Origins¬†founder Robbie Kroger makes his return this week. Few folks are as well versed on the global conservation initiative and sustainable use as Robbie. We discuss the latest attacks and attempts to undermine sustainable use from Colorado to Botswana. We also reflect on our very first discussion years ago. Highlights from today’s talk include:

  • Robbie locates his grandfather’s buffalo gun a half a world away
  • Subsequent plans to hunt buffalo with said gun in the same region his grandfather once did
  • A South African’s perspective on Washington State’s new ‘cool off period’ gun law
  • Cats and Dogs
  • What happens if Colorado falls? Which state will be the next domino?
  • Botswana’s dire elephant problem
  • Upcoming Blood Origin projects in the works

The Kroger Family .416 Rigby

Robbie’s grandfather Leo Kroger with the his trusty .416 Rigby buffalo gun in Mozambique. Built in the early 1950s